Revolutionizing Customer Service with AI

At Watermelon, our mission is to revolutionize customer service by deploying fully autonomous AI agents, taking the customer experience to unprecedented levels. Our platform seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art AI technology, ensuring that every customer interaction is efficient and accurate.

We are committed not just to technological innovation, but to fundamentally improving the way consumers engage with services. Our goal is to shift the customer service paradigm towards greater efficiency and satisfaction, making every interaction a positive and fulfilling experience.


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Our Founder's story

Read more about our founders' story and discover how a simple online game connection sparked a revolution in customer service. Join us on a journey through innovation, resilience, and the creation of Watermelon, a company that's reshaping how we think about and interact with customer service through groundbreaking AI technology. Read more.

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Sustainability & Well-being

We’re conscious about how we build our future. From office space design as it relates to growth, to the well-being of our customers and our employees, to our impact on our planet. Firstly, automation helps to relieve work stress from employees. Our team works from home 3 days a week, leading to less commuting time and lower emissions. Lastly, with every new customer to our platform, we donate 20 trees to Trees for All to restore a mangrove in Mexico.

Founding and Early Challenges

Strategic Company Relaunch

Advancement in AI Technology

Implemented Generative AI Builder

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