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Zapier, Salesforce, Mollie, WhatsApp: It’s easy to integrate Watermelon with your existing workflow.

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Logo Website widget

Website Widget

Respond to customer questions directly from your website and save them time.

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The most popular messaging channel in the EU, made easy with Watermelon.

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Be unique with a chatbot on one of the most popular social media platforms.

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Facebook Messenger

Let your chatbot automatically handle FB conversations and decrease your response time.

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Save time and work more efficiently by automating tasks.

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Have your chatbot request information and send it directly to your Salesforce account.

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Give your customers the option to request order and payment status.

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Webhooks enable your chatbot to use information from external apps.

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Our Watermelon API can be used to exchange data with the Watermelon platform.

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Integrate your favorite software

Want to work directly with our API and webhooks?

When you leverage the Watermelon API, you can allow your chatbot access information that’s stored in external systems. This means that the Watermelon chatbot can look up relevant information in your CRM system and share that with the customer. Think about a customer requesting information on the status of an order. Without impacting the process, your API and webhooks function as a bridge between the Watermelon platform and your external software. This allows you to access diverse data sources and provide customers with an accurate and fully informed answer every time.

Extensive support for developers

Want to get started with our API and Webhooks? We offer extensive support for developers looking to integrate with external platforms. This support is already built into every single one of our paid plans.

Time for a little coding!

Discover the possibilities of our API

Integrate your CRM system with your chatbot and automatically build your customer database. Allow the chatbot to provide order information to customers, automatically plan appointments in a calendar or offer the option to subscribe to your email program. Every use case is unique! If you have an idea, we’ll gladly assist you with the integration.

  • Provide order status information

  • Plan appointments in your agenda

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