Simplify Customer Communication with our All-in-One Inbox

Simplify Customer Communication with Conversations: Our All-in-One Inbox ensures that you don't have to deal with overflowing inboxes or switch between multiple tools. Collaborate with your colleagues and chatbot more easily and streamline your customer service flow.

Customer details

Build comprehensive Customer Profiles

Improve Customer Service with Watermelon's Profile Feature: Quickly compile a detailed customer profile with their history and preferences for more personalized, effective customer service.

Keep your team informed

Easily add notes to your customer profiles to keep track of important information and keep your team in the loop. This helps you to better understand your customers and provide personalized, effective customer service.

Organize Customer information

Quickly add tags to your customer profiles to find specific customers and track important information. This feature is also useful for generating statistics and improving your overall customer service strategy.

Track customer history

View historic conversations to get a better understanding of what was discussed in the past and improve your customer service.


Unify Your Inboxes

Centralize Your Customer Communication

Our All-in-One Inbox ensures that you don't have to switch between multiple tools or deal with overflowing inboxes. Instead, you can easily view and respond to chats from all of your channels in one convenient overview.

Conversation filters

Efficient Chat Management

Filter Chats for Faster Responses

With our chat filtering feature, you can quickly and easily find the chats you need to respond to by channel, agent, chatbot, assigned or unassigned. This helps you to respond to the right customers faster and improve your overall customer service.

Bart Latenstein, Founder

“I would definitely recommend Watermelon to other companies. We don't see it as a way to cut back on employees, but as a way to take standard work away from them.“

– Bart Latenstein, Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What channels are supported by the Conversations dashboard?

The Conversations dashboard currently supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram direct messages and live chat. In the future, we plan to add additional channels such as Email and Telephone.

Can I customize the Conversations dashboard to fit my business needs?

Yes, you can fully customize the Conversations dashboard to your business needs, selecting filters, arranging details and sorting conversations to enhance and streamline your customer service workflow.

How does the chat filtering feature work in the Conversations dashboard?

You can filter chats by agent, channel, assigned or unassigned and chatbot conversations. This helps you to quickly and easily find the chats you need to respond to and improve your customer service response time.

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