Chatbot for customer service

Answer frequently asked questions, offer 24/7 service, collect feedback, and process returns. All in an automated way.

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Use chatbots in your customer service department

Build the fastest and most efficient customer service team


Train your chatbot to automatically answer all frequently asked questions. This saves your team time that can be spent on the more complex issues.

Triage and transfer

Use the chatbot like a sorting machine to determine the conversation topic, context and urgency. The conversation can then be transferred to the appropriate teammate or department.

Guides and Tips

Create an interactive guide, available 24/7 with information for the products and services that need some explaining or additional guidance.

Feedback & Reviews

Ask your customers for personal feedback and reviews via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Live chat.

Returns and complaints

Put a stop to long hold times with a chatbot that can quickly and simply handle returns and complaints.

Your private butler

Give your customers a personal experience with reservations, location information, and discounts, but also transportation, room service and wake up calls.

Koen Gebbink

“We’re using a chatbot to keep up as an organisation with the digitalisation of customer service, but still remaining personal and consultative. That’s exactly what we want.“

– Koen Gebbink – Digital marketing specialist, BKR

Rody Hermkens

“The combination of Loggi / agent is so in balance today that our customer satisfaction is guaranteed to remain fantastic.“

– Rody Hermkens – Head of Marketing, Logistiekconcurrent


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Reviews from our customers

Watermelon is rated on average 4.5 out of 5 stars among 70 reviews.

How can Watermelon improve your customer service and customer journey?

Lightning fast development

Watermelon's drag and drop system makes it easy to build on-brand chatbot conversations super quickly. Use your conversational design skills without needing to code and publish the chatbot to your customers’ favourite channels with the click of a button.

Software integrations

Offer exceptional customer service by integrating your chatbot with the tools you’re already using. Leverage our webhook integration, our native integrations or automate tasks with Zapier.

Be where your customers are

Publish your chatbot on your customers’ favourite channels with our easy one-click integrations. Improve customer satisfaction since it’s easier to reach you and your chatbot is quick to respond.

Super quick response time

Add multiple users to your Watermelon account and make your response time as low as possible. Collaborate seamlessly with your chatbot with smart handovers to human agents.

Collect real-time data

Your chatbot collects customer data in real-time that can be passed to your CRM system. Follow the real-time conversation or let the chatbot transfer the chat and customer details to the right employee, 24/7.

All-in-one platform

Your chatbot is the first line of contact, and as such gathers information about the customer during the conversation. If it can’t answer a question, it transfers the conversation and the information collected to the correct employee, all in one clear, easy-to-use platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should we use Watermelon?

Good question. Watermelon is a specialist in the building and management of chatbots. Alternatives are more general tools that typically allow you to automate only a fraction of your customer service messages. When a chatbot is too generic, it often has a negative impact on the customer experience. With Watermelon, we guarantee your chatbot does exactly what your customers need it to do.

Does Watermelon use artificial intelligence?

Yes. We have developed our own artificial intelligence that is tailored to the platform. That means all the knowledge that’s added is enriched by AI to successfully interpret the intent of the customer’s question.

Do you offer help implementing the Watermelon platform?

Of course! Our Customer Onboarding Specialist will support you in building and implementing your chatbot, aligning to best practices and providing feedback on your chatbot before it goes live.

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