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Service & support

Well done! Your chatbot is live and you know how to keep your digital assistant a success! But what if you need extra assistance from Watermelon? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with an array of tools!

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Self service

Of course you can always contact Watermelon if you need help, but for those times when you want to find the answer yourself, we’ve created a few self service tools for you. The following self service tools are available by clicking the Help button in the top menu bar of your Watermelon platform.

Help Center

The first and best place to look for answers to your questions is our Help Center. In here you can find many articles on a variety of topics with detailed explanations. Simply search for the question you want answered and the solution is there for you.


Sometimes it’s best to learn by doing and for those times you can activate our walkthroughs through the platform. Once activated, these guided tours will take you through your own platform to explain the features to you. Click along with the tours to get the best understanding and receive useful tips and tricks as you go!


If quick video clips are more your speed, our tutorials are the tool for you! On our YouTube channel you can find a series of short videos guiding you through some key features of the Watermelon platform.


If, instead of support, you’re more looking for inspiration, our blog is the place for you. Here we regularly post new articles, ranging from interesting use cases to new trends to keep an eye on, or even useful tips for optimising your customer service. Read these at your own pace and you’ll make the most out of Watermelon in no time!

Start building your chatbot

Now that you know exactly how to get started with Watermelon, it’s time to dive in and build your own chatbot! Click here to go to your platform. If you don’t have a Watermelon subscription yet, Click here to schedule a demo and get started!

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