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An introduction to AI

For a long time, Artificial Intelligence has seemed like a concept out of reach for many people. Even though it has come a lot closer and more widely used, the topic of AI still raises more questions than it answers. So let’s clear some things up!

Most of the confusion regarding AI comes from the fact that there are so many types of AI, each with their own goals and use cases. And with AI becoming more widely adopted, it’s easy to lose track of which technology does what. To make things simpler to understand, let’s focus on one form of AI that is particularly useful when automating processes within your business: Conversational AI.

Conversational AI is a particularly useful form of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on conversations and how people talk to each other. The power of conversational AI allows your chatbot to not only respond to clickable buttons, but to also understand typed in questions. Now your chatbot can actually have a conversation with your customers!

To make sure your chatbot can actually understand your customers, we use Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing is a method of AI which involves recognising words, interpreting sentences and understanding the intention behind asked questions.

In your chatbot this means that instead of selecting from a set of predetermined options, customers can simply type in any question they have and the chatbot will respond accordingly. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, variations in customer input are irrelevant as your chatbot can learn to recognise different phrasings of a question, spelling mistakes or synonyms. Your AI Chatbot understands the intention behind the question and provides customers with the correct response.

And what if your chatbot doesn’t recognise a question? Your chatbot will forward the question to an available agent, so your customer will get the answer they need, but it will also save the unrecognised question. You can then later add this new question to the knowledge of the chatbot to continuously expand the capabilities of your chatbot.

Step 2. How to create a good dataset?

A good chatbot actually understands your customers and a successful AI implementation all starts with creating a good dataset.

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