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Supercharge your tech stack with an integrated chatbot

In this guide we will show you how you can supercharge your tech stack with a fully integrated chatbot.

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Why should you integrate a chatbot in your software

It’s no surprise that customer service is a challenging workfield. Customers are constantly trying to contact you, on many different channels, with a multitude of questions. And your customer service agents? They are always trying to keep up with this overload of conversations. To make things worse, most questions don’t even have an easy answer. Your colleagues have to spend their valuable time looking up information in many different systems, just to help a single customer. And all the while, the queue of waiting customers is getting longer by the minute.

A traditional chatbot can help reduce the workload by answering the simpler, frequently asked questions, but as soon as information from other systems is needed to answer a question, your chatbot comes to a halt and needs to forward the question to a human agent. This takes extra time and, in some cases, can cause frustration with your customers and even your colleagues. Perhaps not all that much help after all…

But what if your chatbot can look up information in other systems for you? Let’s say that your customer has a question about the status of an order they placed. It would be great if your chatbot can simply ask the customer for their order number and take that information to your order processing system. There it can check the status of the order and provide your customer with that information. Now you have completely automated this question, without any interference from a human agent, in a matter of seconds. That’s a real time saver!

And this is just one example of an integrated chatbot. If you take a close look at your tech stack, you’re sure to find many more ways to integrate your chatbot. If you use a CRM or ERP system, your chatbot could look up and even update customer data for you. And how about planning new appointments through conversations, directly in your appointment scheduling tool of choice, or placing and updating orders for your customers in your webshop?

The benefits of an integrated chatbot are as endless as the possibilities and best of all, it’s easy!

Step 3. Different ways to integrate

There are many ways to integrate your chatbot. Do you want to build your own integration, or use a simpler solution?

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