Independent Waiver Service BV delivers faster customer service

Independent Waiver Service BV adopts Watermelon as an efficient solution to promptly assist customers

Discover how Watermelon has helped Independent Waiver Service BV streamline their customer interactions and optimize their operational efficiency while both providing personalized and effective service to their clients. With the deployment of Just-in, their chatbot, they can now promptly respond to inquiries and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

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Efficient Customer Service Solutions for an Export Documentation Specialist

In the area of export documentation, Independent Waiver Service BV (IWS) excels as a specialist in producing Waiver certificates, essential for exports to Africa. With the idea of serving customers faster and better with a chatbot, Esther Roos, Operations Manager, found her way to Watermelon through word of mouth. Initially using the chatbot with buttons, but now they use Artificial Intelligence, and at the start of that transition Andre Lopes, a web developer, came on board too.

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Streamlining Customer Interactions with Just-in

Independent Waiver Service BV started their journey with a Legacy version of their chatbot, aiming to improve customer service from a marketing perspective. However, it was the transition to Artificial Intelligence that truly unlocked their chatbot's potential. The transition significantly simplified their processes, allowing them to focus more on providing instructions rather than anticipating every possible question.

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“You don't need to be an expert in computer science. You don't even need to be technical to build the chatbot, contrary to what many people think. It's incredibly simple and intuitive.“

- Andre Lopes, Webdeveloper

Efficiency and Speed in Multiple Languages with Watermelon

Andre emphasizes the significant improvements following the implementation with Watermelon particularly in terms of language diversity. Previously, they had to provide all questions and responses in multiple languages. Now the process is much simpler and more accessible. They give clear instructions on which questions the chatbot should answer, and chatbot Just-in handles this seamlessly, in multiple languages. This is especially ideal for their African customers because the chatbot responds well to questions in all languages, including African languages, significantly lowering the barrier to chat for those who may not speak English fluently.


Rapid Onboarding and Implementation

A successful start to using Watermelon was the onboarding meeting, where their Customer Success Manager provided valuable guidance for building the chatbot. Thanks to this session and Watermelon's intuitive interface, they were live within two hours, an indication of the user-friendly design and efficiency of the platform.

After launching chatbot Just-in, Esther and Andre carefully fine-tuned their chatbot based on incoming conversations. Via Watermelon, they made adjustments to ensure that the chatbot became increasingly proficient at handling questions, costing them less than half an hour per week.

Employees IWS

A Forward-Thinking Approach with AI Actions

Independent Waiver Service BV looks ahead to even greater efficiency and automation with the integration of AI Actions. By seamlessly integrating Watermelon with the tool they use internally for projects, they aim to handle up to 90% of incoming customer inquiries with chatbot Just-in. This development will not only ease the pressure on traditional communication channels but also free up valuable time for relaxation, such as an informal game of darts or simply stepping away from the workstation.






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Watermelon has not only transformed the customer service of Independent Waiver Service BV but has also strengthened their operational efficiency. With Just-in as an additional 'colleague,' they can now focus on delivering their services to customers in the most efficient way possible, underscoring their commitment to excellence in customer service.

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