The practice of the future using Watermelon

A story of innovation, holistic care, and efficient patient communication, where technology sets the standard.

Led by owner and dentist David Smitz, Kiesz distinguishes itself as a practice that looks beyond dental issues to the broader health of the patient.

Kiesz Owner David Smitz
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As a passionate sports enthusiast and advocate for a holistic approach to well-being, David strongly believes in integrating health-promoting principles into dental care. At Kiesz, dental care is not just about restoring teeth but also about promoting overall well-being. Communication is extremely important in this regard, with chatbot Laura playing a major role!

David Smitz working as a dentistKiesz

Technology for innovation

In line with their journey for progress, Kiesz has invested in advanced technologies to improve their care. David was introduced to Watermelon through a recommendation from a friend at the sports club, who was satisfied with their experience using Watermelon. After participating in an interactive demo, David quickly got started, and chatbot Laura was born: a digital assistant for both practice staff and patients. Chatbot Laura makes communication easier and more accessible than ever before.






Out of Office hours

Watermelon as an innovative care partner

With Watermelon by their side, Kiesz has a powerful tool that optimizes communication and improves the quality of their care. Chatbot Laura is always ready to assist patients with appointments, questions, and information provision. She improves accessibility and reduces administrative burdens, allowing staff to focus on more complex care. Laura's advanced AI makes her increasingly efficient, supports Kiesz's holistic approach to care, and addresses staff shortages by automating routine tasks. Together, Watermelon and Kiesz strive towards a future where technology and personal care seamlessly integrate.

David and Fleur

Privacy and Compliance

In the world of healthcare, privacy and data security are crucial, and ensuring the safety and reliability of patient data is necessary. Watermelon ensures compliance with all laws and regulations and meets the highest standards for data processing. Patients can trust that their personal information is secure, protected by strict security protocols and encryption measures.

The importance of trust

Watermelon's commitment to protecting privacy not only builds patient trust but also fosters a thriving digital system within healthcare. Trust is fundamentally important and forms the foundation for the success of digital health solutions.

David Smitz of Kies

“Watermelon is indispensable for Kiesz as we face staffing shortages, which we can address through AI technology“

- David Smitz, Owner and dentist

Automation with Actions

One of Watermelon's most valuable features is the ability to automate processes through 'Actions'. Actions is an advanced feature that enables integration with almost any software platform or API through simple instructions, making it a revolutionary step in the world of AI. This feature has helped Kiesz not only relieve workload but also improve the overall efficiency of the practice.

With Actions, Kiesz has been able to integrate their own tool containing schedules, enabling chatbot Laura to automatically schedule appointments between patients and dentists! This has not only resulted in significant time savings for the staff but also in smoother and faster appointment scheduling for the patients.

David of Kiesz

A shift in tasks

With the implementation of Watermelon, Kiesz has been able to achieve a significant shift in daily tasks within the practice. With increasing staff shortages in the healthcare sector, it's essential to promote efficiency and relieve workload. Chatbot Laura, as an advanced digital assistant, now handles many of the routine tasks, such as answering standard questions and scheduling appointments.

This allows Kiesz employees more time and space to focus on tasks requiring personal contact with patients, such as receiving patients in the practice and treating them in the dental chair. This is not only for the benefit of patient care but also to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the practice. The result? An improved work environment where employees feel more fulfilled and patients are greeted by a cheerful receptionist!

Customer of Kiesz

A collaboration for the future

With Watermelon as a partner, Kiesz is ready to become the dental practice of the future. By integrating innovation, technology, and a focus on patient-centered care, Kiesz is prepared to continue developing as a modern practice, with the well-being of the patient at its core. As healthcare continues to change, Kiesz continues to lead the way in shaping the future of dental care.

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