The story of MegaGroup

MegaGroup currently operates 10 chatbots across different countries, in different languages.

They began with a chatbot in the UK and have since expanded to other webshops. The results have been significant, with the chatbots freeing up inside sales teams to focus on challenging water projects. These chatbots, named “Bob“, have proven to be a valuable tool for MegaGroup's digital transformation.

Chatbot Bob in service of MegaGroup
Gabriëlle who works at MegaGroup

Introducing MegaGroup

MegaGroup is a wholesaler in technical water products and a leading platform in water techniques. As a main link in a chain of key players, they source directly from global manufacturers and distribute retail quantities to professionals in water. With a history of 80 years, the company supplies a range of products from swimming pools to heat pumps to complete irrigation systems, and has sales offices in 7 countries and 16 webshops throughout different countries. Corporate social responsibility is a key value for MegaGroup. The urgency for efficient and sustainable water techniques will only become more pressing in the future.

The stockroom of MegaGroupEmployee working at MegaGroup

Finding the right solution

Gabrielle, Global Manager Marketing & E-commerce at MegaGroup, became familiar with Watermelon while working at a previous company. After a trade fair encounter with Alexander, the CEO and Founder of Watermelon, Gabrielle was convinced of the benefits of the software. When she joined MegaGroup 3 years ago, she saw the opportunity to implement Watermelon and bring their customer service to the next level. According to Gabrielle: “It was a no brainer to start working with Watermelon again”.

Chatbots to the rescue

MegaGroup now has 10 chatbots in different countries and languages, with 80% of incoming customer inquiries being handled by the primary chatbot, Bob. If Bob is unable to answer a customer's question, the conversation will be transferred to a live agent for further assistance. The chatbots are integrated into the inside sales process for all of MegaGroup's different brands and markets.

Employee of MegaGroup that works in Watermelon

From seed to fruit

Sarah, Marketing & E-commerce Manager for Bosta UK, was the first to launch a chatbot at MegaGroup. As a B2B sales team, they wanted to minimize time-wasting calls and increase the efficiency of their sales process. With the chatbot's success in the UK, MegaGroup started rolling out chatbots in other countries, including those with less of a focus on online sales. Initially, some colleagues were wary of the change, but now they see the benefits and are grateful for the support provided by chatbot Bob, which frees up time for technical solutions and customer service. As Gabrielle stated: “Change and new software is challenging for everyone, but once you start working with it, you will immediately like it!”

Building and maintaining the chatbots

Kieran, Global E-commerce Specialist, and Gabrielle have been instrumental in getting new chatbots live in other countries. Before building the chatbots, MegaGroup conducted an intensive search of their FAQs to get a good understanding of the most frequently asked questions. Sarah and a colleague gathered information and worked with different departments within the company to identify their top 25 questions. The chatbots were built through weekly sessions to get the content right, with local marketeers responsible for localization and translation.

Chatbot implementation is straightforward, with a user-friendly back-end that makes it easy to use. The setup process is visual, and by following each individual step carefully, the final product is clear and functional. The chatbot functions as a filter, sorting frequently asked questions and directing more specific inquiries to live chats. If the chatbot does not have an answer to a repeat question, it can easily be added. To keep the chatbot functioning effectively, it is crucial to regularly review and add to its FAQs.

Gabriëlle who works at MegaGroup

“It’s really user friendly, quick implementation and instant benefit! Most chatbots I find really annoying, but with Watermelon you can build your own chatbot and it’s so easy to set up and straight forward. The easiness is really the strength of Watermelon.“

Gabriëlle, Global Manager Marketing & E-commerce Megagroup

Setting goals and KPIs

Bosta UK aims to increase customer satisfaction with their inside sales and has set a KPI to increase their star rating by 0.2 within 12 months. The secondary goal is to reduce the number of calls to the sales team by 15% within 6 months through the availability of the chatbots. So far, these KPIs are being met or are on track to be met, with 30% of conversations taking place outside of office hours and the chatbots providing 24/7 support to customers.




conversations outside office hours


handled by chatbot Bob

Kantoor van MegaGroup


MegaGroup's success with Watermelon's chatbots speaks to the power of technology in improving customer service. With instant support, an informal and fun way of communicating, and increased efficiency for the sales team, the chatbots have been a game-changer for MegaGroup. The company is undergoing a digital transformation and Chatbot Bob is a valuable asset to achieve this goal. It is user-friendly, straightforward to control from headquarters, and instantly helps call avoidance. As MegaGroup expands the implementation of chatbots in various countries, they are poised to meet their objectives and offer exceptional customer service.

Gabrielle concluded: “I believe in simple solutions, don't make me think. If your webshop or app is hard to understand, you can forget it. We're very happy with Watermelon!”

Gabriëlle who works at MegaGroup

“The results have been significant, with the chatbots freeing up inside sales teams to focus on challenging water projects, which they wouldn’t be able to do as much of without their chatbot Bob.“

Gabriëlle, Global Manager Marketing & E-commerce MegaGroup

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