PrintAbout Revolutionises Customer Service

PrintAbout revolutionizes customer service with Chatbot Printy, providing instant and precise responses.

PrintAbout, the leading Printer Specialist in the Benelux, is revolutionising their customer service with the introduction of Chatbot Printy. Together with Watermelon, they have brought their mission of being the cordial expert in the printing world a step closer. Thanks to the GPT-4o chatbot, PrintAbout now offers even better responses, triggering a transformation in customer interaction and service.

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Response to the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became even more crucial to communicate effectively with customers. Due to a surge in online activity, the online store faced a deluge of inquiries, as Inge, the Manager of Customer Service & Sales, points out. Traditional channels such as email and phone were no longer sufficient, especially outside of regular business hours. To address this challenge, PrintAbout introduced their chatbot, named Printy. This innovation allows customers to pose questions effortlessly and at any time of the day and receive an immediate answer.

Benefits of AI Technology

Printy's constant availability has significantly improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, with Printy's long-term memory capacity, the chatbot can recall prior conversations, resulting in a seamless customer experience. Kaylee, a Customer Service representative, indicates that things are now genuinely more efficient: 'When a customer is now redirected to our customer service team, the staff immediately has all the pertinent details of the complaint at hand. This streamlines and hastens the process for both us and the customer.'

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Advanced Product Support

But there's more. Thanks to Chatbot Printy, PrintAbout can now also provide specialised assistance for specific products such as ink, toners and paper. The integration of Watermelon's web scraper technology made this feasible. This allowed PrintAbout to quickly and efficiently implement valuable information from their product pages, blogs and FAQs into the chatbot.

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“Printy is often hailed as the 'top colleague in the office.' Our colleagues sometimes consult her, not so much to test her knowledge but more to gain inspiration for their own answers!“

- Inge Stalenberg - Manager Customer Service & Sales


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The Impact

The impact of Printy in collaboration with Watermelon is substantial. With an impressive 90% automated system, it processes a whopping 1,200 chat conversations per month. These figures highlight that customer interaction has been considerably optimised.

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With the introduction of Chatbot Printy, the company now offers immediate and more accurate answers to customer queries, leading to a notable increase in customer satisfaction and efficiency. As the world adjusted to the challenges of the pandemic, PrintAbout harnessed AI technology to stay at the forefront and deliver on their promise as the cordial expert in the printing domain. With further integrations on the horizon, the future of PrintAbout's customer service looks promising and is poised for even more innovation and optimisation, a clear win-win for PrintAbout and their customers.

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