Revolution in Financial Services with Watermelon

Transforming Customer Service: The Success Story of Qander

Qander and, two prominent players in financial services, have taken a groundbreaking step in their customer service with the implementation of Watermelon, the GPT-4o chatbot. The successful collaboration between Rob, online marketer for both companies, Alejandro, team lead for customer service and sales, and Mark, manager of marketing and innovation, has resulted in remarkable outcomes and efficiency improvements.

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Watermelon's human efficiency

After working with the Legacy chatbot for 4 years, where customers navigated through the chatbot using multiple-choice buttons, Qander and made the switch to Watermelon Pulse, the GPT-4o chatbot, in June 2023. 'The Watermelon chatbot not only ensures faster responses but also provides better answers to the customer. It's much more user-friendly; the customer can just ask their question instead of navigating through a menu. It's much more efficient”, says Alejandro.

It's also appreciated that the chatbot feels very human. For instance, in a recent conversation where someone expressed the need to cancel a loan due to the passing of their father, the chatbot responded with 'Condolences' and ended the conversation with 'Wishing you a lot of strength’.


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Operational impact

With an astonishing automation rate of 100% for both chatbots and a tripling of the number of conversations since the transition to Watermelon Pulse, the impact on operational efficiency is clearly noticeable. The days when nothing needs to be handled by a human employee have increased, while customer satisfaction has significantly risen.

Alejandro shares his experience: 'The current chatbot captures a lot; we've really tried to test it on the weirdest things, and it provides the most perfect answers.'

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“With a tool like Watermelon, which is easy to manage, you can quickly launch a chatbot. You can completely customize the chatbot to your company's branding and tone of voice.“

- Mark van der Heijden - Manager Marketing and Innovation

The future with Watermelon

The future with Watermelon looks promising. With plans for a scheduling system and expansion to other channels like WhatsApp, Qander and demonstrate their ongoing commitment to innovation and improving customer service. Integration with other tools through the use of AI Actions will further optimize the chatbot, and if all goes as expected, this could potentially save a full-time employee. A chatbot in their customer portal would also add value, alongside the chatbots currently live on their public websites.

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Qander and's success story demonstrates that Watermelon not only enhances customer service but also improves overall operational efficiency and the competitive position of companies in financial services. As Rob summarizes: 'It just all works well!'

Qander Employee

“I would definitely recommend Watermelon to other companies looking for a chatbot solution. It doesn't require much implementation time, and it's straightforward to set up. It just all works well!“

- Rob Lemke - Online marketeer

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