AI Chatbot for HR & internal communications

Find talent and interact with candidates in an innovative way, optimise your onboarding process and give your employee satisfaction rating a boost.

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HR Strategie

Deze intelligente, gepersonaliseerde AI chatbots kunnen snel worden ingezet op meerdere kanalen. En vanuit kanalen vragen beantwoorden van kandidaten vacatures verzenden naar mensen met geschikte profielen.


Build a virtual assistant that frees up time for HR and improves the employee experience. This way, new employees can learn at their own pace and ask questions to their digital colleague.


Find and recruit new talent in an innovative way. Improve and automate processes with a virtual assistant that collects data, provides important information and plans introductory calls or interviews.

HR assistant

Increase interaction with an intelligent chatbot as a part of the employee experience. Let the AI chatbot have conversations with employees to calculate remaining vacation days, process time off requests, and provide information on policy or contractual matters.

Performance Reviews

Decrease work stress on the HR team by automating performance reviews. Use chatbots to collect 360-degree feedback in a friendly and efficient way that’s on brand and in line with your organisation’s needs.

IT support

Give your IT team some peace by automating answers to frequently asked questions from employees. Let the chatbot attempt to resolve all common technical issues without the need for a human agent’s intervention.


Give your IT department a break by automating employees FAQ’s. Let the AI chatbot resolve all common technical issues without the need for human colleagues intervention.

Jortijn Bijl

“The Watermelon interface was immediately intuitive for us to use, which meant that we went live within two days!“

– Jortijn Bijl – Senior Marketing Manager, AFAS

Yvette Augustus

“No ‘you ask, we deliver’ mentality, but rather a Customer Success Manager that actually collaborates. I really felt like I had a new teammate working with me.“

– Yvette Augustus – Marketing Advisor, Zone college


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Reviews from our customers

Watermelon is rated on average 4.5 out of 5 stars among 70 reviews.

How can Watermelon improve your internal communications?

Lightning fast development

Embrace the power of GPT-4o-driven chatbots for a revolutionary shift in your strategy. These intelligent, brand-aligned chatbots can be rapidly deployed across multiple channels, dramatically increasing customer engagement and brand visibility. This approach offers a significant advantage, as it requires no coding.

Software integrations

Offer exceptional customer service by integrating your chatbot with the tools you’re already using. Leverage our webhook integration, our native integrations or automate tasks with Zapier.

Be where your customers are

These intelligent, personalized AI chatbots can be quickly deployed across multiple channels. They can answer questions from channels, send job vacancies to people with suitable profiles, significantly increasing customer engagement and brand visibility.

Super quick response time

Add multiple users to your Watermelon account and make your response time as low as possible. Collaborate seamlessly with your chatbot with smart handovers to human agents.

Collect real-time data

The HR chatbot collects real-time employee data 24/7, providing valuable insights for refining HR strategies. This data can be crucial in adjusting HR approaches, leading to more personalized and effective employee interactions.

Facilitate remote working

AI chatbots play a crucial role in supporting remote workers by addressing questions and concerns 24/7 and streamlining the remote onboarding process. This enhances the work experience and productivity of employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should we use Watermelon?

Great question. Watermelon stands out by specializing in creating and managing advanced chatbots. Unlike more general tools that automate only a portion of customer service interactions, Watermelon's approach ensures a highly tailored experience. Generic chatbots can detract from customer satisfaction, but with Watermelon's GPT-4o powered solution, you get a chatbot that's built quickly, integrates seamlessly across platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and precisely meets your customers' needs, enhancing both service efficiency and customer experience.

Does Watermelon use artificial intelligence?

Yes, Watermelon leverages the advanced GPT-4o technology, an AI system developed by OpenAI. This allows for highly personalized and efficient customer service, ensuring that customer inquiries are interpreted and handled with a sophisticated understanding of their intent.

Do you offer help implementing the Watermelon platform?

We strive to provide your customers with the best possible experience. You're not alone in this; our Customer Success Managers will guide you through successfully implementing Watermelon with a hands-on onboarding process.

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