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Streamline your customer communication with our chatbot platform. Manage both your chatbot and inbox in one place, with no coding required. Integrate with your favorite tools and all communication channels to provide an outstanding customer experience.

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Gabriëlle who works at Megagroup

“It’s really user friendly, quick implementation and instant benefit! Most chatbots I find really annoying, but with Watermelon you can build your own chatbot and it’s so easy to set up and straight forward. The easiness is really the strength of Watermelon.“

– Gabriëlle - Global Manager Marketing & E-commerce Megagroup

Unified messaging hub

Unified Messaging Hub

Chatbot and inbox management in one place

Keep your customer communication organized with Watermelon's all-in-one messaging platform. Manage both your chatbot and inbox in one place for streamlined customer support.

chatbot platform

Code-Free Chatbot

No coding required - chatbot platform

Build and deploy chatbots with ease using Watermelon's no-code platform. Create automated experiences for your customers and save time and resources without the need for technical expertise.


of total conversations are automated by Watermelon users


reduction of email and telephone contact after a chatbot has been implemented


days is the average amount of time it takes a Watermelon user to implement a chatbot

Customer Success Stories

Discover the challenges and solutions experienced by our customers.

Kiesz director
Kiesz logo
  • 70% of after-hours communication is handled by chatbot Laura.
  • 82% of routine tasks are automated.

Discover how Kiesz revolutionizes dental care with chatbot Laura, enhancing patient care and increasing operational efficiency in their practice. With Laura, their AI chatbot, Kiesz is taking patient satisfaction to new heights.

Independent Waiver Service employees
Independent Waiver Service logo
  • Chatbot Just-in handles 90% of conversations.
  • Independent Waiver Service was live in 2 hours

Discover how Independent Waiver Service BV streamlines their customer interactions and optimize their operational efficiency while both providing personalized and effective service to their clients. With Just-in, their AI chatbot, they now elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

Qander employee
Qander logo
  • Chatbots Emma & Marleen handle 40% of conversations outside of working hours.
  • Chatbots Emma & Marleen resolve 100% of conversations

Qander and have improved their customer service by implementing Watermelon their AI chatbot, resulting in significant efficiency improvements thanks to the collaboration between Rob, Alejandro, and Mark.

Employees of HUUS
HUUS logo
  • Chatbot Guus of HUUS conducts 3500 conversations per month
  • Chatbot Guus handles 100% of the conversations

In the world of furniture and interior design, HUUS is known for its versatile collections suitable for every home, every budget, and every interior style. The company serves customers in the Netherlands and abroad. HUUS has made a revolutionary step in their customer service with the implementation of Watermelon.

Employees Naron
Logo of Naron
  • AI-chatbot handles 80% of FAQ's
  • 70% of interactions occur outside business hours

Naron, a pioneer in the lingerie industry, has made a revolutionary step in customer service with the introduction of an AI-powered chatbot. Founded in 1996, Naron specializes in larger cup sizes and is now an example of innovation in customer-focused technology, significantly improving both customer experience and operational efficiency.

Founders Green Bubble
Logo of Green Bubble
  • AI chatbot achieves 90% automation
  • 50% availability outside office hours

Green Bubble, a market leader in online plant sales, has transformed their customer service in collaboration with Watermelon by introducing an innovative AI chatbot. A strategic move that has significantly improved customer experience and the company's efficiency.

Employees of PrintAbout
Logo of PrintAbout
  • 24/7 availability for customers
  • 90% of conversations automated

In an impressive collaboration with Watermelon, PrintAbout, the leading Printer Specialist in the Benelux, has revolutionized their customer service with the introduction of Chatbot Printy, resulting in a tremendous boost in efficiency for the team.

Employees of AFAS software
Logo of AFAS software
  • 24/7 availability for customers
  • 90% of conversations automated

AFAS Software has teamed up with Watermelon to improve customer interaction through the use of advanced AI chatbots. Discover how the collaboration between AFAS and Watermelon has transformed customer contact, offering a superior experience.

All channels in Watermelon

Omni-Channel Integration

All communication channels integrated

Reach your customers where they are with Watermelon's integrated messaging channels. Connect with customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more all in one place for a seamless omnichannel experience.

Watermelon integrations

Tool Integration Made Easy

Seamless integration with your favorite tools

Integrate Watermelon's chatbot platform with your favorite tools for an even more powerful customer support experience. Connect with tools like Salesforce, Shopify, and more for enhanced automation and efficiency.

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