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The chatbot guide for beginners

Everything you need to know about the first steps in the world of chatbots.

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Examples of good chatbots

What makes a good chatbot? Because there are so many different use cases for a chatbot, there are just as many examples of good and successful implementations. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Excellent customer service with a great personality

When Kitcentrum.nl saw their business grow rapidly, the number of emails and phone calls from customers skyrocketed as well. They quickly realised a chatbot was the perfect solution for them. Within 30 days they built their brand new Chatbot Kittie, who is not only able to help customers with all of their questions, but does so while maintaining the fun and cheeky image of Kitcentrum.nl.

Click here to read the success story of Kitcentrum.nl and find out how Chatbot Kittie became successful.

Generating more leads and drive sales

Hunter Douglas had a very simple goal for their brand Luxaflex: more leads from their website. So when they started building Chatbot Lilly, the main focus was to provide good information and turn visitors into leads. With an informative nature and a commercial mindset, Chatbot Lilly is successfully generating 15 new leads every week for Luxaflex.

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