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The experts can help you with all things Watermelon, from A to Z. They’ll ensure your chatbot implementation is a success and help you make the most out of what Watermelon has to offer.

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Promax supports companies in successfully implementing ICT solutions.

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Conversational Design

The power of a successful chatbot is it’s content. Writing text and conversations for a chatbot is unknown territory for some businesses, that’s why conversational design experts are here to help. There aren’t currently any Watermelon-certified experts in this functional area.

Live Chat

The combination of technology and human capability is what powers a top-performing <a href='/use-cases/customer-service/'>customer service</a> team. These experts are here to bring the personal touch and human contact to chatbot conversations.

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Soon makes it simple to plan clearly, be flexible in the moment and build a single source of truth.

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Digital Marketing

A chabot is part of your digital <a href='/nl/toepassingen/marketing/'>marketing</a> strategy - not just a way to answer questions. These experts can help you generate more leads, have more conversations and grow your brand awareness. - There aren’t currently any Watermelon-certified experts in this functional area.

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