Soon is a workforce management software that allows you to create a schedule that meets all the desired conditions for scheduling customer service employees. At Soon, we believe that scheduling should be simple and clear, customizable at any time and information centralized. We put the employee first. If interested in a demo or free trial, we would love to get in touch with you!

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Doing Business with friends

Friends trust each other. They want the best for each other. They’re honest with each other, even if the message isn’t always what the other wants to hear. That message comes from a good place and a good heart. Friends skip formalities, which is why we’re not addressing you as “sir” or “madam” on our website. Friends work hard together to reach goals, eventually celebrate their success together. Having fun and feeling good: that’s what friendship is all about!

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Connect all your most used channels

Handle any customer question that comes your way on the most popular communication channels. Discover how your customers prefer to communicate with detailed statistics and improve your availability on their favourite channels.

Soon en Watermelon
Soon en Watermelon

Work together as a team in one platform

Integrate your chatbot with your internal systems

Watermelon’s API makes it possible for the chatbot to access information outside the platform. The chatbot can query the backend for the necessary information without slowing down or stopping ongoing processes. The API builds a bridge between the systems so information can readily be exchanged. This powers the chatbot with detailed knowledge to ensure an optimal customer experience.

  • Access order information

  • Schedule appointments

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