Create a 360° customer profile

Automatically build a customer database with enriched profile data. Data is more important than ever, especially your customer data. Seek to understand the questions they’re asking and you can analyze how you can improve your business.

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Allow your chatbot to collect data automatically

Automate your customer conversations and allow your chatbot to gather important customer data points. The data flows directly to the CRM system. Upon return to your website, your customer can get a personal greeting from the chatbot.

Request customer data

Choose which data points are important to you and let your chatbot request them - think of name, company name, and email address. The data is automatically saved in the Watermelon platform so you can easily access it next time your customer chats.

Automatically enrich conversations

Allow your chatbot to use the data it has during conversations for a personalized customer experience.

Integrate with external software

Enrich customer profiles with data from external software and gather all customer data in a single overview. If the customer asks for this information, the chatbot can automatically provide the right answer.

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Save time

Insight into the complete customer journey

Every conversation shows you the previous interaction points. See which channels they’ve used, why they’re reaching out and what the previous results were. Understand your customers' needs and give them an unforgettable positive experience.

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Personalized service

Tailor your service to your customer needs

Discover trends in your customer service with a 360-degree profile and extensive performance statistics. Your chat and chatbot conversations can be optimized to what your customers need, and you’ll never get a complaint about an impersonal service experience.

Bart Latenstein

““I would definitely recommend Watermelon to other companies. We don’t see this as a way to reduce headcount, but rather optimise our resourcing so that tasks that can be automated are.““

– Bart Latenstein, Founder

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What people ask us:

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Why should we use Watermelon?

Good question. Watermelon is a specialist in the building and management of chatbots. Alternatives are more general tools that typically allow you to automate only a fraction of your customer service messages. When a chatbot is too generic, it often has a negative impact on the customer experience. With Watermelon, we guarantee your chatbot does exactly what your customers need it to do.

Does Watermelon use artificial intelligence?

Yes. We have developed our own artificial intelligence that is tailored to the platform. That means all the knowledge that’s added is enriched by AI to successfully interpret the intent of the customer’s question.

Do you offer help implementing the Watermelon platform?

Of course! Our Customer Onboarding Specialist will support you in building and implementing your chatbot, aligning to best practices and providing feedback on your chatbot before it goes live.

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