Keep improving your chatbot

Gain valuable insights from the Watermelon statistics. Continuously improve your chatbot and understand where possible improvements are in your Customer Experience

Watermelon statistieken

Why use Watermelon’s statistics?

Discover peak hours

Analyse all conversations

Discover trends in conversations

View the number of chatbot conversations

Improve the degree of automation

Learn from mistakes


Always busy

Discover peak hours

By gaining insights in your busiest moments of the day, you know exactly how you can make your customer service department scalable. Tune your chatbot to the peak hours and relax your department.


Keep improving

Discover trends in conversations

Analyse what conversations are about, have your chatbot automatically decide what the topics of the conversations are and optimise your chatbot based on these topics.

Live chat

From 20% to 80%

Improve the degree of automation

With Watermelon’s statistics you gain a good insight in what conversations are about. You know exactly which questions your chatbot can answer, but also which questions it doesn’t know the answer to yet. Keep improving your chatbot and steadily increase the degree of automation.

Samenwerken CRM

Straight-A performer

Analyse your satisfaction scores

Gain a complete insight in your chatbot’s satisfaction score. Is it performing well and receiving high scores, or does the chatbot’s content need adjusting?

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