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Fleur Nouwens

Fleur Nouwens

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A Game-Changer for Customer Interaction

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer engagement, keeping up with technological advancements is crucial. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our revamped Website Widget – a feature-packed solution designed to redefine the way you connect with your audience. Let's dive into the exciting new features that will elevate your customer interaction experience.

1. Fully Customizable Widget

You can fully customize and personalize your website widget, according to your company’s brand and tone of voice. You can do so by: 

  • choosing one of the ten templates we’ve already created for you, or completely design your own custom template. 

  • adjusting all the colors of your website widget; from the main color and text colors, to the color of the text bubbles in the chat.

  • making your own unique background that resonates with your brand essence. You can choose to show an image, create gradients or have a transparent background in any color you like. 

  • modifying the size and corner radius of the messages bubbles in the chat.

  • picking one or more fonts that fit your brand.

  • customizing the size of all the texts in the website widget.  

  • selecting which users will show up in the widget, when you have the chatbot deactivated and livechat enabled. In doing so, end-users will know who they can chat with.

  • choosing your own icon or entire launcher button to stand out. 

  • adjusting every, and we mean literally every, text in the website widget.

  • deciding to have your website widget closed outside of business or office hours. 

  • hiding your widget without having to remove the code from the back-end of your website. 

2. Accessibility Redefined

We understand the importance of inclusivity. The improved website widget now supports tab navigation and voice assistance software, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone, including those with disabilities. This enhancement empowers users to send messages and navigate effortlessly. The widget meets all requirements that government agencies (amongst others) have on the use of website software. 

3. AI-Answer Indicator

In chatbot responses, AI-generated answers are now clearly indicated, aligning with anticipated AI legislation in 2024.

4. Privacy Policy

You can activate a privacy policy feature in your website widget, requiring end-user acceptance before initiating a chat. You can personalize the policy text, button text and add a company-specific policy link. 

Additionally, you can consider other possibilities of this feature. For instance, you can present a message where the end-user acknowledges to understand to be chatting with a chatbot and the possibility of technological glitches. Other examples may be to emphasize that the chatbot does not share legally binding information or to agree not to share any personal details with the chatbot. 

Essentially, it’s a feature suitable for any scenario where you can choose to accept or not to accept.

5. File Attachments

We included the possibility for you to send various file types, in both ways (from agent to end-user and the other way around) expanding your communication possibilities. This could for instance be interesting if you want to gather information regarding a complaint about an order that was received, using a picture of that product, or if you want to share a document that should be filled out. 

6. Queue Management

New conversations you receive are queued and labeled sequentially. If the user does not want to wait in the queue anymore, that’s no problem! They can easily choose to go back to chatting with the chatbot.

7. Comprehensive User Data

Enjoy a treasure trove of user data! You can now see their location, browser language, know their browser version, and see their detailed web session breakdowns. You can even see from which page on your website they’re chatting! This will help you better understand your audience. 

8. Thumbs-Based Feedback System

The visitors of your website widget can use a feedback system with thumbs-based responses, exclusive to Pulse chatbot interactions. This not only enhances user engagement, but this way you can also easily analyze your incoming conversations and improve your chatbot’s output. 

9. Typing Indicators

Taking transparency and responsiveness to a next stage, the person chatting can see when the chatbot is thinking and when the chatbot is generating the answer they will see the answer appear (we call this streaming). In a conversation with an agent, the agent can see if the website widget’s visitor is typing, and the other way around. This is meant to better manage expectations, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the ongoing interaction, empowering you with a seamless and enriched chatting experience. 

10. Notifications Overhaul

Users will receive two types of notifications upon message receipt: an auditory alert and a visual alert displaying the number of unread messages. Also, when the end-user minimalizes the widget on your website and then receives a new message, the message will show above the icon. 

11. Placing Optimization, Mobile Usage & Incognito Mode Compatibility

You can choose your preferred position of the website widget, selecting whether the widget appears on the left or right side of your website and deciding if you want it to be placed further from the center or closer to the side, and higher or lower on the webpage. This ensures that the website widget seamlessly integrates with your website layout, providing a user-friendly experience. 

Moreover, the widget is now fully adapted and optimized for seamless mobile usage and functions flawlessly, even when the website page is in incognito mode. With these enhancements, you have the power to create a tailored and user-centric experience for your audience.

Conclusion: Elevating Customer Interaction in 2024

With the revolutionary features of our new Website Widget, you can take customer interactions to the next level. Whether you're aiming for inclusivity, customization, or amazing user-experience, our brand new Website Widget is a flexible solution designed to address all your requirements. Experience the future of customer engagement – explore the endless possibilities with our Website Widget today.

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