It's the result that counts

Lisanne Krimpenfort

Lisanne Krimpenfort

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Results are what counts

Getting things done in an ambitious, innovative and collaborative way - that’s how you’d describe Thierry. In his role as a Front End Developer at Watermelon, Thierry makes an impact. His lines of code have a direct impact on the business. Do you get just as excited by the beautiful designs Thierry brings to life? Thierry shares more about his work as a developer at Watermelon!

An eye for details, and high-level structure

The Designer relays the designs to the development team, then the development team brings them to life within the software. This doesn’t mean that only developers love tech, Thierry explains proudly: “The team is made up of young professionals. I think it’s great to work in a diverse team that still has a lot in common. As a developer it’s obvious that you get excited about tech, but in fact everybody at Watermelon shares this passion. When our team demos the new development work, everyone is enthusiastic and often gives us a round of applause! I get a lot of extra energy from their excitement.”

‘We kick off every work day with a Daily. We start with the good news of the day, then we discuss priorities and where we might be stuck. If I encounter a blocker, there’s always someone willing to help me find a solution.’

Visible impact

In group meetings, or during lunch time, the commercial team loves to share stories from successful  clients. Thierry secretly really enjoys these stories: ‘It’s awesome when a colleague says that a customer called to tell us that they’re super happy with a specific feature. I think to myself, ‘I built that!’ I can see the impact of my hard work directly. It feels like everyone is engaged at work, and we celebrate all releases together, both big and small. I think it’s a compliment when a sales colleague comes over to tell me that the new conversation overview made it possible for him to close a deal!’ 

Better, brighter and more fun every day! 

What does Thierry/s future at Watermelon entail? It’s what he’s doing now, but finding ways to improve every day: ‘I’m definitely excited for the future. We have a ton of incredibly cool features and releases on our roadmap that are going to make the Watermelon platform even better. I’m also excited to keep improving my development skills!’ Are you one in a Melon?
Thinking about joining Watermelon? Do you have a clear idea of how you can add value to our organisation? We’d love to get to know you!

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