Four Tips to Prepare Your Business for Changes Due to AI and ChatGPT's Large Language Models (LLM's)

Alexander Wijninga

Alexander Wijninga

| 3 min

"With the introduction of ChatGPT, the time required to write a press release, to program, or to perform literally hundreds of other tasks has fallen from many hours to just a few minutes. ChatGPT is a fun toy for many people and companies, but we must realize that the type and amount of work people are expected to do has changed fundamentally. And as a result, the business and chatbot world is changing too.

First, some background information. ChatGPT is a chat application built on top of one of OpenAI's large language models, GPT-3.5. ChatGPT demonstrates how impactful applications built on top of large language models (LLM's) can be. The serious implications LLMs have for businesses, particularly in the customer service domain, are becoming increasingly clear.

Imagine a future where the cost of assigning a dedicated support staff member to each of your customers is zero. Where an agent of your customer service team is available at any time, on any channel, and in any language to solve any customer query. What would be the impact on your business if you offered every customer a VIP experience? How would it influence daily business and decision-making? And what would this customer approach mean for your competitive position?

The future is already much closer than you think thanks to applications using LLMs. If you are currently exploring what LLMs can mean for your business, you are probably already behind.

If you still want to be part of this development, you can already do the following:

  1. Inform yourself and your team about what LLMs are. ChatGPT can be a good source for this and there are many good YouTube videos to be found.

  2. Determine where in your company LLMs can have the greatest impact. Create a #LLM channel in Slack or Teams and allow colleagues to openly share their experiences.

  3. Evaluate your existing suppliers on their LLM capabilities and how LLM shapes their roadmap.

  4. Test ChatGPT and experience the technology for yourself, evaluate for yourself what this can mean for your business.

Although these tips apply to all types of businesses, your business will need a version of an LLM specialized for your domain and customer base. Watermelon focuses on automatically solving customer questions on all channels and possible languages with as little effort as possible. Companies automate millions of interactions daily using Watermelon. AI has always been a fundamental part of our software and proposition. As a result, our teams are more than ever focused on ensuring that customer service conversations, which we answer automatically, are handled as well and fully as possible. ChatGPT is also a wonderful opportunity for us to improve our product and offer you the cream of the crop.

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