The Secret Feature of (Generative) AI Chatbots: Integrate Them with Your Software to Truly Automate Everything

Laura Plooster

Laura Plooster

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In an era where the digital customer experience is paramount, Watermelon has introduced an innovative new feature. This feature transforms the way businesses communicate with their customers by linking AI-driven chatbots directly to company systems, without the need for programming. Thanks to this new functionality, the chatbot can autonomously respond to personalized inquiries about orders and other complex questions that come into customer service.

Directly connected to company systems

The new feature offered by Watermelon is known as 'AI Actions' and is key to the direct integration between chatbots and company systems. All that's needed is the setup of the API documentation; afterward, the chatbot takes over and can operate independently within the systems.

As a result, the AI chatbot can autonomously perform tasks such as checking the status of orders and monitoring inventory, all in real-time and without human intervention. This enables any business, large or small, to easily create integrations, which were often a costly and complex affair previously.

The chatbot can read the information from the API and convert it into understandable and human-like responses for the customer, allowing customer service employees to focus on other tasks. This not only changes the way businesses communicate with their customers but also optimizes efficiency within the team by taking the technological burden off their hands.

How a chatbot checks your order status

Imagine: you want to know where your order is. So, you turn to the company's AI chatbot. The chatbot first asks for your order number, crucial for identifying the specific order. With this number, the AI chatbot quickly searches through the company's system to fetch the current status of your order. Thus, you receive a clear answer via chat within moments. Previously, you would have needed to contact customer service, showcasing how technology is becoming an integral part of good customer service, allowing businesses to assist you even better.

Chatbot actions offer boundless customer service possibilities

The chatbot can be equipped with an unlimited number of actions. As long as there is a possibility to obtain data from a database, such as that of an online store, the chatbot can perform the actions without limit. With this feature, you can truly automate anything you want.

The AI chatbot is set up using three steps: description, authentication, and rules. First, the desired action is described. Then the chatbot gains access to the database via an API key or another form of authentication. Finally, rules are established, also known as API documentation, that indicate where the necessary customer data can be found in the system.

In just a few minutes, you can connect your system and let your chatbot read all the information, using this information during a conversation with a customer to fetch real-time data from the database. Below are some examples of actions the chatbot can perform:

  • Order status inquiries: Customers can easily check the status of their orders by giving their order number and other relevant details to the chatbot. The chatbot then retrieves the required order information from your database and provides it directly to the customer.

  • Appointment scheduling: Users have the ability to make appointments directly through the chatbot. The chatbot checks available times, books the appointment, and then sends a confirmation to all parties involved.

  • Answering FAQs: If users ask general questions, such as about opening hours or product details, the chatbot can immediately pull the right information from the frequently asked questions and deliver accurate answers.

  • Data entry automation: The chatbot can guide users through filling out forms or surveys. It leads them through the process and automatically fills in the necessary fields based on the information entered by users.

  • Personalized recommendations through database access: The chatbot can access your product database to analyze the preferences and browsing history of users. Based on this information, the chatbot offers personalized product recommendations to the user.

Through seamless integration with company systems, the chatbot can not only answer simple FAQs but also handle more complex tasks such as updating contacts in the CRM system, checking inventory levels, and adding tasks to platforms like Asana.

Three benefits of AI Actions

  • Immediate access to data: Customers benefit from real-time answers, which improves the service experience.

  • Easy configuration: Without the need for complex coding, specific tasks can be easily set up.

  • Enhanced conversation quality: With direct access to current information, chatbots are able to respond more accurately and relevantly.


With the launch of 'AI Actions,' we are taking a significant step forward in customer service. This innovative feature enables businesses to work more efficiently and provides a personalized service that closely aligns with the ever-changing expectations of customers. By seamlessly integrating AI chatbots with company systems, customers can benefit from direct and accurate answers to their questions, contributing to a superior service experience. Watermelon continues to lead in developing technologies that help businesses better communicate with their customers. With 'AI Actions,' they are better equipped than ever to meet the challenges of modern customer service.

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