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Lisa de Laat

Lisa de Laat

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The way colleagues communicate has changed a lot in recent years as technology advances rapidly. From emails to social media and from digital workplaces to Teams. Communicating in 2022 is largely done online. Chatbots and artificial intelligence will also play an increasingly important role here. For a long time, chatbots were seen as a tool for customer service to improve the user experience. But this same technology can also be used internally. Basic tasks of employees can be taken over and you will see that this has a positive effect on the employee experience. But what exactly are the benefits of an internal chatbot? And how do you deploy a chatbot as a digital colleague? We're happy to tell you more about it.

The advantages

Fast response time

A chatbot has an immediate answer. An employee does not have to wait for an answer, but has the information immediately available via the digital colleague. This saves a lot of time.

Link with internal tools

You can connect the chatbot to tools that are used internally. Think of Slack, Teams, Gmail or other HR systems. This way you ensure that tasks are automated so information doesn't have to be processed manually.

24/7 reachability

A chatbot can do something that a human employee cannot; provide answers to questions 24/7. It doesn't matter where and when your colleagues are working, because your chatbot is always available to provide a response.

But what exactly does a chatbot as a digital colleague look like? What kind of questions can you turn to him for? We give you a few examples.

A chatbot as your new digital colleague


A new job is always enormously exciting and fun. Especially in the beginning, there's a lot on your mind and you're full of questions. For HR, onboarding is quite a job. A virtual assistant gives HR more space. Employees can get to know the organization at their own pace and ask their digital colleague questions if they are unsure about something.


They come around every year: performance reviews and appraisals. For the HR department this is a busy period with many repetitive tasks and a lot of back and forth communication. Of course, this can be done much more efficiently. With a chatbot, you reduce the workload by automating these procedures. Have your digital colleague collect 360 degree feedback in a way that suits your organization. These answers can then be included by managers in performance and appraisal interviews.

The HR assistant

Increase interaction with your employees by implementing a smart chatbot. Let your HR chatbot calculate vacation days, submit vacation requests, and share policies and contractual matters with your employees. Link the chatbot to the internal HR tool and everything is processed automatically.

IT Support

What is the WIFI password? How do I set up my mail? Give your IT department more peace of mind by automating frequently asked questions from employees. This way, common technical problems can be solved without the intervention of human colleagues.


A chatbot can also help answer general questions about the company. For example, where should you park? Or maybe you want to inform your employees about certain developments within the company. This can all be done easily with a chatbot. This saves a lot of time since you don't have to contact everyone individually and they can ask their questions directly.

Enough advantages and examples to make a chatbot your new digital colleague. A chatbot relieves your employees from questions and tasks that can be easily automated, allowing them to take on more complicated tasks. In this way, they deliver value to the organization in another way and it will increase job satisfaction as well.

Want to know more about how to set up a chatbot for your internal communications? Request a demo from one of our colleagues and we'll be happy to explain how.

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