Why you should connect a chatbot to these 5 social channels

Alexander Wijninga

Alexander Wijninga

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We can no longer deny it, social media channels are hot. New initiatives keep on coming everyday. A great customer service is available day and night and through multiple channels. This might result in the feeling that you are short of hands to serve all your customers on social media. This is not necessary! Read further if you want to find out how you can talk to all your customers on these social media channels.

It might not surprise you that nowadays a chatbot is a good collocutor on social channels. Therefore, when you build a chatbot with Watermelon, you can integrate him or her with several social channels and they will all be integrated into one user-friendly platform. Each channel will be explained and details will be given about what audience you can reach per channel.

Chatbot on your website with a CXhub

Watermelons’ own channel is the CXhub. The CXhub can be added to your website via a simple Java-script. Sounds complicated? Not with your Customer Success Manager helping you out!
The CXhub will attract your website visitors when they have questions. Your visitors come to your website for various reasons. They might have questions, looking for inspiration, want to file a complaint or receive a brochure. Your chatbot could help your visitors with all these things. The simple questions can be learned to your chatbot through the Frequently Asked Questions. The more complex questions can be answered with the conversation module. Within these conversations the chatbot can ask your visitors questions to gather information to help them in the best way possible.

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Use Facebook Messenger to improve customer service

With Facebook Messenger still being one of the largest social channels it is worth considering using your chatbot for this channel. Are you still wondering why Facebook Messenger would be an interesting channel for your business? For example, you can use the chatbot to create a brand experience or as a sales channel.

As you might know, Facebook also offers a feature where you can make your own Facebook bot. So we can imagine we leave you wondering what the advantages of Watermelon are compared to the Facebook bot? With Watermelon you have a user-friendly dashboard to build conversations and make sure the chatbot knows the FAQ’s. With the Facebook Messenger bot you have a time window of 24 hours in which you can respond as a human. But with the hybrid model from Watermelon you probably never need that 24 hour. Another advantage of Watermelon is that  all your chats (chatbot and human) from different channels are gathered in one clear overview. The chatbot you build for Facebook Messenger with Watermelon can be linked to even more channels than only Facebook Messenger. So you will only need to build one chatbot and use it for multiple channels.

Chatbot for WhatsApp business

Statistics say that at the end of 2018 WhatsApp had 1.5 billion users worldwide and this amount is still growing. With an increasing number of customers using their mobile phone as a primary means of communication, WhatsApp can no longer be ignored and 24/7 availability on WhatsApp is a must! It won’t be a surprise for you to learn that you can also connect WhatsApp with Watermelon.  Using a Watermelon chatbot you are able to answer your customers frequently asked questions in a split second. Besides, you can also send out a push notification to the customers who contacted you.

Guarantee privacy with a telegram bot

Telegram has 100 million active users spread globally and is used to send 15 billion messages daily. With Telegram you can offer real time support. At Telegram privacy is highly valued. When using a ‘secret chat’, a kind of end to end encrypted chat, the user has the possibility to set a self-destruct timer. The messages will be automatically deleted when the timer hits. It is not hackable in any way. Besides, users can send any kind of file through Telegram. In contrast to WhatsApp which limits video, images & document type files. No need to choose between WhatsApp or Telegram, with Watermelon you can use and manage both! Use a Watermelon chatbot to engage with your customers directly and create meaningful and prosperous relationships.

Reach more customers with a Twitter bot

Last but certainly not least, the chatbot from Watermelon is also able to conduct conversations via Twitter. Twitter is known as the fastest news medium. Thanks to the medium's real-time and fast nature, news is spreading rapidly on Twitter. An important role is also played here by trending topics. Users can see at a glance what is going on in the world. Twitter is the only medium that is really "live" when it comes to news. Big news alert and a lot of customers are messaging you? You can use your chatbot to conduct conversations in direct messages so your customers are answered at all times.

Differentiate your customer service with more contact moments

In conclusion, when you combine your chatbot with one or multiple social channels you are maximising the potential of social media! It makes you reachable for any kind of target group and people can, at any time and with any device, contact you. With the demand for more and more availability 24/7, a chatbot gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. In this article we talk about the most used channels, but there are endless possibilities with a chatbot!

Do you want to explore the possibilities of a Watermelon chatbot? Book a no-strings-attached demo to see the possibilities!

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