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Support Software can help you organize incoming conversations, leverage a chatbot for automation, and allow your team to build customer profiles.

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Get software support for your customer service team

Centralize all your communication channels

Easy-to-use interface

Delegate to colleagues and teams

Active on channels your customers love

Be approachable

Proactive customer contact

support software

“Watermelon allows us to take advantage of the digital service revolution but maintain a personal and guided approach to customer contact. That’s exactly what we wanted.“

Maureen van den Bergh - Senior Lead, Customer Contact Center, BKR Foundation

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A shared inbox for your whole team

Several inboxes that get overflowed. No one is going to be happy about that. With Watermelon you work from one platform so that switching is no longer necessary. Everything is arranged from here, making collaboration with your colleagues and your chatbot even more fun and easy.

support software

360-degree profile

Recognize customers and provide a personal experience

Create 360-degree customer profiles by collecting the data your business needs. Have your chatbot, with permission, collect customer data, have your team add tags and notes, and consult the conversation history when interfacing with customers. Deliver a delightful personal customer service experience with Watermelon!


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Customer Success Stories

Discover the challenges and solutions experienced by our customers.

Founders Green Bubble
Logo of Green Bubble
  • AI chatbot achieves 90% automation
  • 50% availability outside office hours

Green Bubble, a market leader in online plant sales, has transformed their customer service in collaboration with Watermelon by introducing an innovative AI chatbot. A strategic move that has significantly improved customer experience and the company's efficiency.

Employees of PrintAbout
Logo of PrintAbout
  • 24/7 availability for customers
  • 90% of conversations automated

In an impressive collaboration with Watermelon, PrintAbout, the leading Printer Specialist in the Benelux, has revolutionized their customer service with the introduction of Chatbot Printy, resulting in a tremendous boost in efficiency for the team.

Employees of AFAS software
Logo of AFAS software
  • 24/7 availability for customers
  • 90% of conversations automated

AFAS Software has teamed up with Watermelon to improve customer interaction through the use of advanced AI chatbots. Discover how the collaboration between AFAS and Watermelon has transformed customer contact, offering a superior experience.

Marijn from Haarspullen.nl
Logo of Haarspullen.nl
  • 1500 conversations per month with Chatbot Maartje
  • 100% automated conversations

GPT-4 chatbot Maartje has been online for just one month and is a filter for all customers before they reach the human colleagues. Where a 'regular' chatbot answered pre-set questions, Maartje effortlessly gives advice on products that fit the customer's wishes.

Phone-Factory chatbot
Logo of Phone-Factory
  • 500 conversations per month thanks to chatbot Tellie
  • 50% out of office conversations

Chatbot Tellie has been live for about a month, and Phone-Factory.nl is already seeing the positive impact. The chatbot is an extension of the business and helps take on work from the customer service team.

support software chatbot

Automate customer contact

Reduce pressure on your team with a chatbot

When you build a chabot (no coding required with Watermelon) you can automate up to 85% of customer contact. While your chatbot focuses on frequently asked questions, your team has time for more complex inquiries.

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Get performance insights

Make data-driven decisions

Optimize your service experience with Watermelon’s customer experience software. Access real-time statistics and understand customer behavior. Export results and continuously improve your team’s performance. Make the most of your team’s potential!

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