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Lisa de Laat

Lisa de Laat

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A chatbot can be used for various purposes. But did you know that you can increase your revenue with a chatbot? How? By building customer loyalty and offering first class customer service. Consumers are buying more and more online so a chatbot is a great added value here. With a chatbot, you can easily guide customers through the entire sales process. In this article we explain in detail how you can do this.

24/7 customer support

Chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support. No worries about office hours or time zones, because chatbots are available day and night. Your customers can ask questions, gather services and buy products. Providing 24/7 chatbot support can increase customer satisfaction and improve your overall customer service.

Increase your engagement

Give your chatbot a personality that fits your brand. You can give the chatbot a name and even add hobbies. Customers get the feeling that the chatbot is really part of your company. This allows you to keep the customer interested and increase engagement, which can finally result in more sales.

Make the chatbot part of your sales funnel

Chatbots can play an active role in your sales funnel. Customers who contact a chatbot are more likely to convert and more likely to purchase products or services.

Lead generation

A chatbot can be used to generate leads and qualify them. By asking the right questions, chatbots can gain a better understanding of the target audience, such as their likes and dislikes, demographics, interests, age, occupation, and gender. With this information, the target audience can be segmented and qualified.
Just an example to make it easy: an e-commerce store specializes in male grooming. A chatbot can be used here to find out if the client is buying for themself or for someone else, as well as whether hair care for the face or head is needed. Once these audiences are identified and segmented, relevant content can be offered that is more likely to lead to conversions.

Increase order value

With a chatbot, you can increase the average order value. Chatbots can suggest additional items and services to customers or answer customer questions that might otherwise be frustrating.
For example, a customer wants to buy a comb and asks a question about shipping via chat. The chatbot answers the question, but also offers a shampoo and conditioner. The customer will now be more likely to check out these products and perhaps even buy them.
Furthermore, a chatbot could offer promotions, such as free shipping or discounts based on customer characteristics such as purchase history.

Forgotten

Chatbots can proactively reconnect with customers who get stuck in the sales funnel. Suppose a customer leaves an item in their cart and doesn't check out. A chatbot can recognize this and remind the customer that they still have something in their cart, which will lead them back to a conversion. Chatbots can even send periodic updates about abandoned items, such as price changes or offers and discounts. According to SaleCycle, the percentage of abandoned items in a shopping cart averages around 80.86%. With a chatbot, you can lower that percentage.

Real-time improvements

But chatbots can do much more. For example, long website session times can indicate customer indecision. But a high number of page views per session can again mean that customers are looking for information they can't find. There are many detectable events that can indicate areas of improvement in the funnel, and bots can identify them in real time. Once a bot detects a signal, it can intervene to display customized messages, run promos or offer additional help.

While a chatbot may not be able to close the deal for you, it can help throughout the sales funnel as the perfect digital colleague. Your sales, marketing and customer support staff can focus on other tasks such as onboarding, retention or loyalty programs which in turn can result in even more sales, increased customer satisfaction, more renewals and lower churn rates. This collaboration between human and machine ensures the optimum results. Want to know more? Schedule your demo here.

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