How to use a chatbot as a marketing tool

Thomas Leek

Thomas Leek

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When you think of a chatbot, you probably immediately think of customer service. And this is logical, because chatbots have been used (successfully) for several years now help customers around the clock in no-time. But in the world of today, a chatbot can do so much more. One of those things, is using a chatbot for rock-solid marketing purposes and use it as your automated lead generation machine. But how exactly does this work? And what are the possibilities? In this article, we will answer these questions and explain the advantages of chatbot as a marketing tool and how a chatbot can help your company to skyrocket your profits.

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How a chatbot can contribute to your marketing campaigns

In today's world, we prefer to automate as much as possible. And this makes sense because automating many processes in your company saves you a lot of time and costs. In addition, your employees can focus on more important things within your company where they can have a bigger impact. All of this, while at the same time, you offer your staff the best possible support by automating time-consuming tasks. And this is exactly where a chatbot comes in handy. At the moment someone contacts your company through your chatbot, the chatbot not only answers your potential customer's question, but they can also automatically nurture this lead and schedule a follow-up appointment. This is just one example of how a chatbot can switch from a helpful customer service agent to a smart marketer in a matter of seconds.

In addition, your chatbot always collects valuable data about your customers that you can immediately link to your CRM system. This allows you to get a better insight of who your customers are, and what they exactly want. This also helps you to create a better persona, and thus designing the perfect customer journey. So it's becoming easy to see the many perks a chatbot can have for marketing purposes. Because the chatbot switches so easily between different roles and can recognize opportunities, your turnover can get a big boost.

The chatbot as the effective lead generation machine

A chatbot that has been properly built can make sure that your website visitors are converted into leads, or even into paying customers. And this process doesn't always have to start with a customer reaching out to your company. You can set up a chatbot in a way to proactively start a conversation with your website visitors.

For example, if your customer visits a certain page on your website, the chatbot can be triggered to take action. This will come in handy when your web visitor is on a website that offers a demo, or maybe a product that is out of stock. The chatbot will then start a conversation with the customer and offer to schedule a demo or try to boost sales in another way. The customer then provides their details and an appointment can be scheduled immediately. By automating this entire process, you do not only save a lot of time, but you make sure that you convert those website visitors into warm leads that your human customer service agents would’ve missed!

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Automatically collect valuable customer data

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers just tell you exactly what their wishes are, without you having to do anything? Well, we think so too! Fortunately, this is also a real possibility with a chatbot. This is because the chatbot keeps track of the behaviour and data of your website visitors and customers. How they behave on your website and chats, what their customer journey is on your website, and what the exact points are where they drop out. After several similar customers drop out or buy at the same point, the patterns become more clear. This way, you get to know your customers through and through, which you can then use it to fine-tune your marketing strategy or use it when creating personas.

One of the biggest advantages of collecting data via a chatbot is that you can easily integrate it with your CRM system. This will make sure that your marketers, customer service employees and sales team know exactly which customer they are dealing with and what their wishes are. This way, you automatically receive crucial customer data, without your marketing team having to lift a finger!

But how does it work in practice?

Now we hear you thinking: “All nice and all, in theory, but how does that translate to real life?” Fortunately, we can also answer that question very easily, because we have the perfect example of one of our customers who successfully uses their chatbot for both marketing and customer service. The Hunter Douglas chatbot automatically generates about 15 leads per week! These are numbers that even the most experienced marketeers can hardly match. Thanks to a smooth integration with their CRM system, in addition to these leads, they also have more insights into their website visitors than ever before. And it is not only Hunter Douglas who experiences the benefits of a chatbot, we are proud that we have been able to help many companies save their costs and automate their processes.

Curious about how a chatbot can help you?

Using a chatbot as a marketing tool is just one of the many use cases where a chatbot can help you to take your company to a higher level. If you are curious about all the advantages it can have for your company, you can schedule a free demo with one of our employees. In this demo, we would like to show you how a chatbot can also help you to drastically improve your customer service, sales and lead generation.

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