The most creative chatbots of the moment

Thomas Leek

Thomas Leek

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The adoption of chatbots has grown rapidly last years. It came a long way, from a small window on the bottom of your screen to an integral part of the company that not only helps customer service, but also generates warm leads and helps out the HR team. But not all chatbots are created equal. There is a stark difference between different types of chatbots. Especially between a ‘normal’ chatbot and an AI chatbot. The AI chatbots can often have a natural, organic conversation. They have their own personality and also have a self-learning ability. This also immediately makes the AI chatbots a lot more creative and human-like. And that's exactly what we're going to talk about in this blog. What are some good examples of creative chatbots? What are the chatbots that can put (a little) smile on your face with a witty, funny answer? In this article we give you examples, and we also discuss why it can be such an important addition to your company.

The advantage of a creative chatbot

We can imagine that you’re thinking: “what does it matter if a chatbot is creative? What's the benefit of a creative chatbot?” Well, that advantage is a lot bigger than you probably expect. Just like a customer service agent, a chatbot is often the first point of contact that many customers will have with your company. If the chatbot not only manages to help the customer within seconds, but also to put a smile on the customer's face, this immediately translates to the image of your company. Just like this process also works the other way around: if your chatbot doesn't work properly, doesn't understand customer questions and can't switch to a human employee when they are not able to help the customers, many potential customers will drop out in frustration. This ensures that the customer has a negative experience with your company and therefore, will not come back soon. Ultimately, a creative chatbot is an excellent means of increasing customer satisfaction and thus indirectly giving turnover a significant boost.

Examples of good, creative chatbots

Okay. Now that we've established why a creative chatbot can be important for your company, it's a good idea to take a look at which chatbots excel at creativity, and how they exactly do it. Because, in our opinion, the best chatbots bring both a smile and the right information to the customer.

Woebot: the chatbot that helps with mental health in a light-hearted way

When it comes to creatively using an AI chatbot, Woebot is one of the best examples we can use. The chatbot is not only creative, but is also used for a good cause. That is, helping with depression and mental health. Woebot does this in a remarkably light-hearted way. The chatbot is completely based on cognitive behavioural therapy. Because it was developed by real psychologists and Woebot uses AI, the bot keeps learning to know your needs, problems and wishes better and better. The bot actually 'feels' what is going on with you and what you need by asking specific questions. After this, the bot can help with these problems. The bot does this in a humane and cheery way, so that not only is the application creative, but the execution is as well.

Chatbot Kittie: personal service with a smile and a wink

We may be a bit based when giving this example (because the chatbot was created with our platform), but Chatbot Kittie was simply too funny to leave out!
Kittie is enthusiastic from the first second you enter the website, and directly asks you for your name. You then have several options to choose from. One of them is chatting with Kittie. You can play a game of (virtual) soccer with Kittie or even let the chatbot tell jokes. We let you decide for yourself whether the jokes are actually of a high level. But it is very creative at least!

Dad joke bot: a chatbot with an unlimited variety of dad jokes

Fatherly, a website that gives fathers advice, has come up with a very original chatbot specially for Father's Day. The chatbot is full of corny dad jokes. Because the chatbot asks for feedback from its users and has a self-learning ability, the chatbot keeps on learning which kinds of jokes people like and which don't. The chatbot is can be used on Slack, Facebook Messenger and SMS. Users can even send jokes to the chatbot themselves, which the dad joke bot will laugh about. As far as we're concerned, this is a hilarious and light-hearted example of how creative a chatbot actually can be. What the chatbot also does very well is that it caters perfectly to its target audience. Because let's be honest, who likes dad jokes more than fathers themselves?

Can you do it better?

Of course not every chatbot has to have (corny) jokes or a wink. A chatbot can also be used very usefully in other creative ways, as is the case with Woebot. One of the most important things for the success of a chatbot is to connect it to your target group. The examples given in this article do this very well in our opinion. But, maybe you can do that much better? Maybe you’ve been inspired about how you can use a chatbot in a creative way for your company? Then it might be a good idea to look at the possibilities that are available with an AI chatbot. As you have seen, the opportunities are almost endless these days.

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