The value of a chatbot within your organization

Lisa de Laat

Lisa de Laat

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There are several reasons why a chatbot is a great value to your organization. Chatbots are making work processes easier and more efficient. Nowadays customers are becoming more demanding and expect an answer right away. A phone that keeps ringing, an exploding email inbox and employees who just can't get their work done. Time to start exploring the chatbot world!

Automate your customer contact

Chatbots can be implemented within different departments. The best known is a chatbot within customer service. We have already listed the benefits.

Increase your reachability

Clients have increasingly higher expectations of the customer service provided by an organization. Customer service employees can only be present for a limited time. With a chatbot you ensure that you are available 24/7 for questions. Many questions that do not require an employee can be taken care of outside opening hours.

Save time

Did you know that a well-performing chatbot can automate more than 80% of customer questions? An AI chatbot can answer questions much faster than a human. Answering questions takes a lot of time for employees. Besides that most of these questions are comparable and can easily be automated.

Reducing the workload

Customers know how to find their way to the different channels when they have questions. This creates full email inboxes, social media messages and phone calls. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees anymore. Chatbots can help with this growing number of questions. As an organization you want to offer quick service, but also take the time for your customers. With a chatbot, you can do both by answering 'easy' questions and reducing the workload for employees.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

With a chatbot, you want to make customer satisfaction measurable. Experience shows that chatbots ensure a higher satisfaction score. Yet chatbots contribute not only to increased customer satisfaction, but also to employee satisfaction. Chatbots take returning tasks out of their hands. This leaves more time for employees to take on complex customer questions.

Different channels

Customers nowadays have contact with your organization through various channels. Besides the use of websites, channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger are used on a daily basis. So companies need to be easily accessible on these different channels. It is possible to be reachable on these different channels with the same chatbot. This way you ensure that you offer customers the same service everywhere and that 'easy' questions are answered immediately.

Chatbot within marketing and sales

We mainly see cases where the chatbot is used to take care of frequently asked questions within customer service. This is a logical choice, but not the only option. A chatbot can also help with increasing the number of leads. Of course, the chatbot then needs to be built in a different way. For example, there will be more focus on asking for data, so that contact can be made more quickly.

Chatbot within HR

An HR chatbot is an automated HR employee. You can place the chatbot on your website, or integrate it with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack or other tools used within your organization. When you ask the chatbot a question, the bot will search for the correct answer and relay it to you. As a result, your HR staff will then not have to spend any time on it.

You can use an HR chatbot in different ways and have it automatically answer various questions. There is more possible than you might think. Let's look at some examples.

Questions from candidates

Need new colleagues? The chatbot can answer questions from potential candidates. For example, put the chatbot on your vacancy page and let candidates ask questions about vacancies or requirements for a job. You can use the chatbot to pre-select candidates. Ask for their level of education, work experience and minimum salary and handoff the data to an HR employee who will take care of it. Saves a lot of time!

Questions about your organization

You can also use the chatbot to ask website visitors questions about your organization. Use the chatbot on the 'about us' page and let customers ask questions about the location, accessibility or opening hours.

Questions from internal employees

Have you ever thought about using a chatbot internally? Let your employees contact the chatbot about work schedules, bank holidays, vacations or declarations. Simply place this chatbot on the webpage of your HR system and let the chatbot answer these common questions.

Enough reasons to start with a chatbot within your organization today. As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities. Want to learn more about Watermelon and the value that a chatbot can have to your organization? Schedule a demo here.

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