The variety of our people

Thomas Leek

Thomas Leek

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At Watermelon Inclusivity and Diversity are of paramount importance. Inclusion is about behavior and values. Diversity is about the variety of people, shown by measurable numbers.

Our people and beliefs

Watermelon created an environment where all Melons feel at home and can be themselves. Regardless of factors such as religion, philosophy of life, political persuasion, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, chronic illness or age. There are a lot of ways to be an ideal Melons, as long as our values and product and services are important to you.

We believe that having an inclusive environment with a diversity of people ensures innovation and creativity. Therefore, being diverse and inclusive makes Watermelon even more productive.

Bas - Customer Success Manager ”Working at Watermelon feels like coming home. Not the feeling you have to, but the feeling that you can! It is a place where you feel at ease.”

Our approach

We care about people, and value their background, history, preferences and beliefs. Therefore, we have a diverse team of employees. To bring this variety of people together, we offer everyone equal opportunities to work within the organization. When we are looking for new Melons, our People team bases their approach on the objective requirements of the position, such as knowledge, experience, willpower and the ability to learn and develop. We always consider the impact a person might make.

One thing that makes Watermelon unique is offering inclusive holidays to everyone. This way you can always choose which holiday is important to you. Or maybe you like to work on this particular day and add this extra day off to your balance! Culture, background, inclusive Holidays and subjects like these are often discussed at the lunch table. Our values and social culture allows us to embrace equality. In our culture, as long as it is respectful, everything can be asked. We are very curious and interested about each other’s beliefs, practices and preferences. We learn a lot from each other and will always cheer for fellow-Melons to be and find themselves. Not only in the workplace, but also personally.

Our numbers

Do you love numbers, data and facts? Than you will love this section (and.. working at Watermelon)!
Watermelon counts 15 Melons, 20% female and 80% male (there is some work to do)! ****Melon’s ages range from 18 until 33. We may have started as a relatively young company, but are focusing on providing a work place for all working generations. Our team has roots in 6 different countries and together we speak 11 different languages. During the years, we have welcomed 3 interns and 2 permanent Melons that moved to The Netherlands, further growing the Watermelon team!
Together we ad here to 3 different beliefs, or indicate that we believe in ourselves!
Is there a preferred approach for you, that you did not read about? Please let us know! Of course we still need and want to learn to create the best environment where everybody can be themselves.

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