The Watermelon Culture

Thomas Leek

Thomas Leek

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The steps we took to create our culture deck actually represents a lot about the culture of Watermelon. It was full of eyeopeners, learnings, personal development, inspiring moments and humor! To find out what makes our culture unique we had to understand what culture is and understand what makes it so important.
🍉 ”Culture is the one thing we cannot measure, but impacts all our numbers!”

What is culture and why do we care?

We always strive for superb results and take extra steps to own our work. Culture on the other hand is something elusive. Wherever people come together, unwritten rules, habits and behavior arise. These are based on shared norms and values. Processes, expressions, the way you address each other and the atmosphere you feel when you walk into the office tells a lot about a company culture.

Culture is an extremely important part of the success of any company. It directly influences motivation, performance and employee satisfaction. When you work for a company with a culture that showcases your personality aand working style, it stimulates creativity and productivity. A great culture ensures that you can perform optimally and experience personal growth. How can you tell, and how do you notice it? Let’s dive in to our unique company culture and find out!

The Watermelon culture

Our employees, visitors, customers and former Melons often remark on how outstanding our unique culture is. They recognize how we value each other, and can see this reflected in the way we treat and interact with each other and our customers.

There is not just one ideal Melon or ideal culture. There are a lot of ideal Melons, each with their own charasteristics, drives, expertise, humor and experiences. Altough, there is one great big thing we all have in common. We make impact, and we have fun in the process! We are all excited about our work, and enjoy what we do, maximizing the impact and allowing new ideas to come to fruition. We want to welcome the best of ourselves by giving and receiving feedback.

We are honest, and in doing so we have a lot of fun. We like to joke around; never leave your laptop unattended, because you can be sure someone will write a little love poem on your name for everyone to look at! This shows the balance of serious work (everybody could have access to all your files and information, but on the other hand, we should make pointing this out fun)! If something is not quite right, or if you have made a mistake, you can count on your colleague to respond with humor! The daily lunchtable is filled with laughter, everybody knows what’s is going on at home and makes some time to give eachother recognizion and understanding among all kinds of situations.

We got each other covered. When you become a Melon, you are inmediately adopted into this group of co-workers. We inspire each other, help each other out and are always there for a fellow Melon. We grant each other successes and inspire each other to achieve goals. And if we do, we celebrate! You will see people high five, and hear the sales horn. All together towards the same goal!

We celebrate peaks and pits, together with the whole team. Memorable barbecues, boat trips, go-karting, games and even trips to the Efteling are activities we’ve done in the past, with more new adventures to come.

How do we keep this culture alive?

Value and culture of paramount importance when hiring, developing or saying goodbye to employees. When people arrive or leave, the dynamics will automatically change. We focus on welcoming colleagues who share the same standards and values we do.

In addition to culture exploration sessions, team-building activities, company outings and drinks, we keep each other sharp and responsible for upholding the Watermelon culture. Together we create the culture that is constantly evolving. We love to see our group of people positively impact the growth of Watermelon.

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