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The 6 Best Lead Generation Chatbots in 2024

Automating lead generation is crucial for seeing scalable results. Doing everything manually, such as curating leads, qualifying them, following up, negotiating, and closing deals, is time-consuming and impractical. To make this process scalable, automation is key. To achieve scalability, it is essential to implement AI chatbots in your lead generation efforts.

This article will get you an overview of the most handy AI chatbots in the market to automate your lead curation, and generation. Here are the topics we will touch:

What is a Lead Generation Chatbot?

Lead generation chatbots are a conversational solution to identify, quality, and serve potential customers as to collect their contact details. Lead generation bots can be both rule-based or AI bots.

AI chatbots can be more effective in terms of lead generation as they can learn with time from each conversation and adapt the responses to each particular user. AI technology allows hyper personalization in lead generation, making chatbots offer unique responses to each potential customer which will increase that likelihood of generating a new customer .

It is in fact, the inclusion of AI technology that made chatbots a strong asset for lead generation.

The intelligence behind AI chatbots for lead generation is called Natural Language Processing. More of this in our article Unlocking the power of NLP & NLG.

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Regular Chatbot vs. Lead Gen Chatbot

The main difference lies in the primary: Traditional chatbots are primarily employed for customer service purposes, allowing businesses to offer assistance and address customer queries promptly. On the other hand, lead-gen AI chatbots are strategically designed to increase conversion rates and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Here are the main differences between Regular Chatbots and Lead-Gen (AI) Chatbots:

Task Regular Chatbots Lead-Gen AI Chatbots
Primary Objective Resolving queries, providing information, and addressing customer concerns. Identifying & helping potential customers, collecting contact details.
Interaction Nature Offering solutions and assistance. Conversation engagement. Initiate conversations with users to qualify leads. Initiate the sales funnel.
Automation Level Problem-solving processes to enhance efficiency. Lead qualification, data collection, and initial stages of the sales process.
Data Collection Purpose Collect customer data primarily for improving service quality. Customer preferences, needs, and pain points to effectively show the user the right solution.
Sales Funnel Integration Generally not integrated directly into the sales funnel. Actively integrated into the sales funnel and tools.
Initiative in Conversation Respond to users' inquiries and issues reactively. Proactively initiate conversations towards conversion based on users activity.
Post-Interaction Actions Ensures that the users issues are solved or directs the conversation to a team member. Escalates the conversation to the sales team or starts a custom, automated follow-up process.

By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, these chatbots engage potential customers in meaningful conversations, guiding them towards completing desired actions, such as:

  • making a purchase

  • scheduling an appointment

  • find the perfect product or solution

With a focused goal of generating leads and maximizing revenue, lead-gen chatbots play a crucial role in driving business growth.

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Top 6 AI Chatbots for Lead Generation

1. Watermelon - AI Chatbot For Lead Generation

AI Chatbot For Lear Generation - Watermelon AI

Watermelon Pulse allows you to integrate a GPT4-backed lead-gen chatbot without coding. With Watermelon you can automate up to 96% of all support inquiries.


  • Multichannel Chatbot Integrations

  • Natural Language Conversations

  • No-Code AI Chatbot Builder

  • Chatbots In Any Language

Key Features

  • Efficient Lead Generation: Replace traditional lead generation forms with Watermelon's chatbot that significantly boosts conversion rates. Automate the lead qualification process through intelligent and interactive questionnaires.

  • Event Registration Simplified: Streamline event registration processes and increase attendance with chatbot updates. Watermelon goes a step further by scraping event URLs for real-time details, ensuring participants stay informed effortlessly.

  • Advanced Conversational Capabilities: Watermelon excels in advanced conversational capabilities, eliminating unnecessary detours and ensuring streamlined chats.

  • Seamless Chatbot-Human Transitions: It seamlessly transitions between chatbot and human support, facilitating the lead generation process for enhanced conversion rates.

  • Efficient Inquiry Handling: Watermelon's efficient inquiry handling allows teams to reduce workload on each lead and to focus on crucial tasks, such as account management, cross sales or great customer satisfaction.

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  • Simple Setup Process: Setting up Watermelon is a breeze – just upload URLs and documents to the AI chatbot's knowledge base. It swiftly utilizes this information to provide the best experience to the lead generation process.

  • Adaptability Across Languages and Platforms: Watermelon allows you to integrate your lead generation strategies across various languages and platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any website. This versatility makes it an invaluable asset for businesses with diverse lead generation channels.

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Customer Testimonials:

  • Jasper Boot, Online Marketeer, AFAS Software: "Watermelon's GPT-4 chatbot Pulse has transformed AFAS Software, replacing the 'flowbot' and autonomously handling complex queries. This shift saves time and aligns with AFAS's focus on automation and digitization."

  • Annebelle Wagemans, Head of Public Contact, Municipality of Oss: "It was eventually quite clear that the chatbot wasn’t taking over jobs, but rather that jobs are changing for the better. It was nice to see this transition happen."

Reviews from our customers:

  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars:


  • Watermelon's chatbot subscriptions start at just €99 per month.

LinkPulse GPT-4 Powered AI Chatbot

2. Instabot

Instabot example - Watermelon AI

Instabot helps to enhance leads curation, increase conversions, understand user behavior, and easily upgrade lead generation efforts.


  • Easy to Use Visual Builder:

    • Create chatbots easily with a user-friendly visual editor, by adding nodes for a smooth chatbot assembly process.

  • Rich Media Integration:

    • Increase engagement in conversations by embedding Youtube videos, images, and documents.

  • Customizable UI:

    • Match your brand’s colors, iconography, and font with fully customizable design options, ensuring a personalized and cohesive user experience.


  1. Non human-like interations :

    • The bot's downside is its lack of human appeal, even though it has great features to help individuals with issues.

  2. Multi-language Limitations:

    • Instabot lacks internationalization enhancements, such as translating phrases and messages in the chat window into multiple languages and adding support for different time zones.

  3. Limited AI Capabilities:

    • Instabot lacks comprehension of certain issues and consistently queries with repetition.


  • Instabot starts at 70 USD/month.

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3. GetJenny

Jenny Bot - Watermelon AI

Jenny is a bot solution built by LeadDesk. Jenny offers AI-driven chatbot solutions to enhance lead generation productivity, KPIs mastery, and to deliver high-end customer experiences.


  1. Increase Productivity:

    • GetJenny enables automation of over 80% of your lead generation tasks, freeing up your team to concentrate on solving difficult situations and serving a higher number of leads per hour.

  2. KPIs Mastery:

    • Improve efficiency by decreasing response and resolution times, expanding messaging support, and diverting chats with leads to phone and email workflows.

  3. Flexible Usage of JennyBot:

    • Use JennyBot as an independent chatbot for quick support or answering FAQs. Combine JennyBot with live chat to deflect more than 80% of common problems, thereby saving valuable time for human agents.


  1. Limited Multichannel Integration:

    • While GetJenny emphasizes CRM and live chat solutions, Watermelon offers a broader range of platform integrations, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more, expanding lead generation channels significantly.

  2. Advanced Analytics Gap:

    • GetJenny provides valuable analytics on hours saved and chat automation but falls short in offering the depth of analytics provided by Watermelon with an all-in-one conversational platform.


  • Instabot starts at 70 USD/month.

4. Landbot

Landbot example - lead generation bot - Watermelon AI

Landbot is an effective platform that connects with visitors through individualized chats, converts leads effectively, and seamlessly integrates with your CRM.


  1. Proactive Engagement:

    • You can collect lead information and obtain consent on your website and WhatsApp using chatbots that engage in conversation, streamlining the process and improving the user experience.

  2. Qualify & Segment Leads:

    • It helps to identify leads with strong intent and immediately direct them to appropriate team members based on customized conditions and pre-made elements for automatic lead evaluation.

  3. Sync Lead Data:

    • Instantly sync meeting and leads data with your favorite CRM, connecting seamlessly with tools like Calendly, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more through native integrations or third-party apps via APIs.


  1. Limited Complex Conversational Skills:

    • Creating manually highly-complex lead flows can be decremental in Landbot solution performance.

  2. Layout Complexity:

    • The website's interface may not be easy for beginners to navigate, requiring some time to fully understand. Additionally, the canvas can become cluttered.

  3. Limited Customization Options

    • The tools and features provided are sufficient for creating a bot, but there could be limitation in customizations which were not allowed by Landbot.


  • Landbot starts at 40 EUR/month.

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5. Giosg

Giosg - lead generation bot example - Watermelon AI

Giosg assists in enhancing your lead generation plan by offering a complete platform that engages visitors, evaluates leads, and smoothly integrates with your inbound sales approach.


  1. Precision Qualification:

    • Giosg's targeting engine, chatbots, and lead routing guarantee the concentration of your sales team on the most suitable leads, simplifying the process of qualifying leads.

  2. Real-Time Engagement:

    • Connect with potential customers immediately using live conversations, which can include voice and video calls. This can help move leads through the sales process quickly and create personalized customer experiences.

  3. 24/7 Lead Generation Automation:

    • Use Giosg's chatbots and lead forms to automate the process of qualifying leads, gather valuable information, and interact with potential customers who are prepared to make a purchase at any time, day or night.


  • Lack of Integrations:

    • The absence of integrations makes the custom report feature sluggish and baffling, due to a lack of understanding on how to analyze the reports and data.

  • Limited Performance Overview:

    • Accessing data could be challenging, as it is difficult to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the bot and chat performance.


  • Giosg offers pricing by request.


Collect Chat - Lead generation bot example - Watermelon AI empowers your website to capture inquiries in real-time, enhancing engagement and lead collection effortlessly.


  1. 24/7 Lead Acquisition:

    • You can connect with potential customers around the clock with proactive chatbots, facilitating lead acquisition 24/7.

  2. Automated Messaging:

    • With Collect.Chat you can take advantage of fully automated messaging that adjusts to how users communicate, generating personalized conversations with each visitor to your website.

  3. Handy Applications:

    • You can use to gather data, obtain email addresses, schedule appointments, share information, and get useful insights using smart metrics.


  1. Integration Challenges:

    • Integration with other platforms can be challenging or limited, such as CRM and email applications or setting up advanced features like Zapier Webhook integration.

  2. Chatbot API Limitations:

    • API options for direct integration actions are a bit limited. Think of real-time chatting when online, and improvements in minimizing repeated answers for a smoother experience.


  • Collect.Chat has a freemium model with premium features from 24 USD/m.

Benefits Of AI Chatbots For Lead Generation

  • Easier and faster lead qualification based on data:

    • For example, based on all website visitors we can collect the most relevant pages for them, how they interact with it and get a clear overview of what the want. With all that data from 1000s of visitors the chatbot will ask the right question at the right time and know right away, if the visitor will likely become a client.

User Data:
  • Effective product launch campaigns:

    • AI chatbots are able to easily adjust to changes in product campaigns. They can smoothly incorporate updates to product details, promotional deals, or communication to ensure that the chatbot stays in line with the most recent marketing strategies. The chatbot can directly share this information to website visitors, resulting in increased capturing of potential customers.

  • Higher lead-to-client conversion rate:

    • Chatbots are effective in determining if leads are interested by posing specific queries. By categorizing leads according to their requirements, preferences, and purchase intent, companies can customize their follow-up tactics for a more individualized approach that connects with each lead. Employing a personal approach generates a sense of ease for users and ultimately results in improved conversion rates.

AI Chatbot for better conversion rates - Watermelon AI
  • Real time feedback from customers:

    • Chatbots have the ability to create customized feedback inquiries according to the customer's individual interaction. This customized approach enables businesses to collect more pertinent and practical information, resulting in a better comprehension of customer preferences and issues.

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AI Chatbots For Lead Generation - Examples

Increased Conversion Rate - Chatbot With Product Recommendations For Online Stores's Chatbot 'Tellie', reduced human agents' workload by handling 70% of 103 conversations within a month. Bart (one of the owners of always had the idea to implement a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions and improve conversion.

AI Chatbot for higher conversions - Bot Example from Watermelon AI

Lower Visitor Complains, Higher Conversion rates - Chatbot For Wholesale Retail

AI chatbots for sales and marketing: With AI-based sales chatbot, you can generate leads, maintain relationships with potential customers, and increase conversions through automated interactions. The conversations are easily accessible to customers and provide a more effective way to communicate with customers.

  • Check how we built 10 chatbots, integrated them into their sales process and decreased by 10% the amount of unnecessary calls for: MegaGroup.

Mega Goup Chatbot - Example Watermelon AI

FAQs About (AI) Chatbots for Lead Generation

Do chatbots really work for lead generation?

Yes, (AI) chatbots can be effective for lead generation, as they engage with users, personalize answers, provide unique advice to each visitor, and qualify potential leads, ultimately enhancing the overall conversion process.

How do you use AI for lead generation?

  1. Set Clear Goals: Define lead generation objectives, specifying the type of data and customer insights needed.

  2. Implement the Right Chatbot Workflow: Design a chatbot workflow that aligns with lead qualification criteria and engages visitors effectively.

  3. Utilize AI Chatbot Builder: Employ an AI chatbot builder to create a dynamic bot that collects and analyzes data from website visitors.

  4. Customize Questioning Based on Data: Leverage collected data to customize chatbot questions, ensuring relevance and increasing the likelihood of lead conversion.

  5. Adapt to Product Campaign Changes: Enable the chatbot to seamlessly adjust to product campaign updates, conveying the latest information to visitors for enhanced engagement.

  6. Enhance Lead-to-Client Conversion: Implement a personalized approach, categorizing leads based on preferences and purchase intent to tailor follow-up tactics and improve conversion rates.

  7. Collect Real-Time Customer Feedback: Leverage chatbots to create personalized feedback inquiries, gaining practical insights into customer preferences and issues in real-time.

How to use chatbot to increase sales?

These are the most crucial aspects to increase sales with (AI) Chatbots:

Personalize Interactions to create a more engaging experience, increasing the likelihood of converting leads into sales. Offer unique recommendations to your users based on their preferences or browsing history. Provide Instant Assistance so the lead does not fall just because lack of response. Last, make sure you integrate it in your sales channel to monitor and improve sales performance.

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Ready to boost lead generation with AI Chatbot technology?

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