Best 8 Chatbots For Facebook Messenger in 2024

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The Best 8 Chatbots For Facebook Messenger in 2024

Your customers are on social media. Over 3 billion active monthly users are active on Facebook[1]. So your business has to be there too: answering product questions, giving customers personalized attention. Being available for them.

The manual processes involved in customer support, lead qualification, follow-ups, etc. are not only time-consuming but also impractical. To make your customer experience scalable on a platform like Facebook Messenger, you have to implement (AI) chatbots.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most useful Facebook AI bots in the market, focusing on conversations automation. Here are the topics we will cover:

What Are Facebook Chatbots?

A Facebook Messenger chatbot is an AI-powered conversational solution designed to interact with users within the Facebook Messenger environment. Facebook bots leverage artificial intelligence to automatically interact in conversations with your customers, handle tasks, understand inquiries, and deliver personalized responses.

Facebook bots enable you to automate conversations with their customers on the platform, reducing communication barriers and eliminating the need for your customer service team to switch between channels.

At Watermelon we have designed a centralized communication platform with AI technology to allow you to connect all your customer channels in one dashboard. Any customer enquiry from your website, WhatsApp, or Facebook will come to the same place.

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Top 8 Facebook Messenger Bots Software & Platforms

Here our selection of the best solutions for you to implement a Facebook Messenger chatbot:

Watermelon Pulse - Best AI Chatbot for Facebook

Facebook Messenger Bot - Integration example by Watermelon AI

Watermelon Pulse empowers you to effortlessly integrate a GPT-4-backed AI chatbot on Facebook Messenger, eliminating the need for coding. With Watermelon, you can automate up to 96% of support inquiries efficiently. Now that is being efficient!


  1. Multichannel Chatbot Integrations: Easily implement your Facebook Messenger bot to stay closer to your customers.

  2. Natural Language Conversations: Enable natural, human, engaging conversations on Facebook Messenger, enhancing user experience keeping your customers happy.

  3. No-Code AI Chatbot Builder: Use Watermelon's intuitive platform to build a powerful Facebook Messenger chatbot without coding.

  4. Chatbots In Any Language: Engage with leads and customers on Facebook Messenger in their preferred language for a personalised touch.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Conversational Capabilities: Enhance interactions on Facebook Messenger with Watermelon's advanced conversational features.

  • Seamless Chatbot-Human Transitions: Facilitate smooth transitions between the Facebook Messenger chatbot and human support for enhanced and tailored customer service.

  • Efficient Inquiry Handling: Reduce the workload per customer enquiry and focus on vital tasks like account management with Watermelon's efficient inquiry handling.

  • Simple Setup Process: Easily set up your Facebook Messenger bot with the ready-to-use chatbot integration of Watermelon.

  • Adaptability Across Languages and Platforms: Don't stop your automation with a Facebook Messenger bot only; WhatsApp, Instagram, or any website can have easily a chatbot implemented with Watermelon's versatile platform.


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Watermelon's pricing plan start at just €99 per month.

Link: Pulse GPT-4 Powered AI Facebook Chatbot



Itsalive is a user-friendly platform designed for effortless creation of Facebook chatbots, offering a seamless interface without the need for coding skills.

Itsalive Facebook Chatbot Example

Itsalive Pros

  • Intuitive Bot Building: Itsalive provides a straightforward builder, allowing you to effortlessly create chatbots using a user-friendly interface. The drag-and-drop functionality, along with the ability to organize decision trees, makes the bot-building process intuitive.

  • Comprehensive Deployment: Deploying chatbots on Facebook pages becomes a swift process with Itsalive. You can test their bots live, duplicate them, translate content, and seamlessly share across multiple pages, enhancing the reach and accessibility of the chatbot.

  • Robust Analytics and Optimization: Itsalive offers an extensive suite of analytics tools, enabling you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and gain valuable insights into chatbot performance. The platform's real-time optimization capabilities allow you to adapt and improve the chatbot experience dynamically.

Itsalive Cons

  • Limited Integration with other channels: Intsalive is focused in Facebook Messenger Bots but has not a wide range of other integrations to merge your bots to any customer channel.


Itslive Facebook bots have a freemium model with a pricing starting at 19,- USD/m


Surveybot on Facebook Messenger has a particular use case: enhance your survey experience. Craft engaging Facebook Messenger bots for surveys, allowing your customers and visitors to conveniently share their insights through the familiar Messenger interface.

Survey's Facebook bots Pros:

  • User-Friendly Survey Creation: Design your free chatbot survey effortlessly using Surveybot's intuitive interface.

  • Seamless Response Collection: Collect survey responses efficiently through the widely-used Facebook Messenger platform.

  • Robust Analysis Tools: Analyze and derive meaningful insights from your survey responses using Surveybot's comprehensive tools.

Survey's Facebook bots Cons:

  • Limited Bot Capabilities: It might not offer the best chatbot experience as it's particular use is based on gathering customers feedback and input.

  • Multi Language Limitation: Surveybot has a relatively small scope, particularly when used in languages other than the default. This limitation may affect businesses with diverse language requirements (apart from English).


Surveybot for Facebook Messenger has a freemium model with a pricing starting at 35,- USD/m

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Improve your customer support on Facebook using Kustomer's seamless integration. It offers a unified interface to efficiently expand support across multiple Facebook pages.

Kustomer's Facebook Chatbot

Kustomer's Facebook bot Pros:

  • Unified Interface for Multiple Facebook Pages: Effortlessly manage support activities across various Facebook pages from a centralized interface, streamlining your support process for enhanced efficiency.

  • Social Listening and Commerce Activation: Activate social listening capabilities to fuel social commerce, allowing your team to stay informed and engaged with customers through integrated Facebook channels.

  • Easy-to-use Message Management: Respond with your Kustomer chatbot to messages from Facebook Messenger and comments on your wall, posts, and ads directly within its platform.

Kustomer's Facebook bot Cons:

  • Occasional Workflow Disruptions: While Kustomer occasionally experiences hiccups disrupting workflows, the team's responsiveness in addressing and resolving issues is quite fast.

  • Low Performance Integrations: Integrated tools, like Shopify, exhibit slowness when updating and loading within Kustomer, requiring page reloads for examining details—a factor that could impact your customer's experience.


Kustomer's Facebook Bots start at 89,- USD/m.

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Botsify provides businesses easy-to-implement Facebook Messenger bots, allowing them to automate customer interactions, boost sales, and improve customer support effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for businesses to use.

Botsify Pros:

  • Dedicated Support Team: Botsify has a committed support team that responds to live chats within just 2 minutes, guaranteeing businesses get quick help.

  • Automated Sales Processes: You can use Botsify to automate sales procedures by converting ordinary online forms into interactive dialogues and effortlessly arranging meetings and sales conversations.

  • Proactive Marketing and Lead Generation: Botsify enables businesses to power up their marketing efforts, generating more qualified leads on autopilot, and proactively engaging with visitors to boost conversions.

Botsify Cons:

  • Learning Curve Steep: Botsify focuses on being user-friendly, but you may face a steep learning curve. Proficiency with the platform may require practice and time to master all its features.

  • Interface Improvement Needed: While the platform strives for simplicity, there are some improvements for you as admin that might encounter.

  • Limited Integration with Some Channels & Platforms: It might not be easy or even possible to implement and Botsify chatbot with all business systems or channels.


Subscriptions start at just 25,- USD per month.

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Chatfuel is an innovative platform designed to seamlessly convert Facebook Messenger contacts into customers through automated interactions. Chatfuel Facebook bots empower you to attract, engage, and convert prospects effortlessly.

Chatfuel Facebook Bot Example

Chatfuel pros:

  • Auto-Replies: Chatfuel stands out in attracting potential customers through its ability to provide 24/7 automated responses in Messenger. It enables you to address a diverse range of customer interactions, capturing potential customers at different stages of the sales process.

  • Premade Bot Templates: You can benefit from its premade bot templates to simplify the bot creation process. You can save time and effort in creating responses from scratch.

  • Data-Driven Analysis: Leveraging detailed statistics, Chatfuel enables users to analyze and improve chatbot performance. The platform's data-driven approach allows segmentation of leads based on their responses, providing insights for continuous optimization.

Chatfuel Cons

  • Dependency on Developer Skills: If you do not have a developer you may find Chatfuel challenging to fully utilize. The platform's extensive feature set might not be fully explored due to a lack of expertise, leading to potential underutilization of valuable functionalities.

  • Opportunities for Feature Integration: Chatfuel integration capabilities could limit your business to automate conversations from any channel.

  • Limited Chatbot Deployment Options: A notable limitation is the exclusive deployment of chatbots on Facebook. This restriction might be limiting for your business, especially for users looking for broader deployment capabilities across various platforms and customer channels.


Chatfuel bot subscriptions start at 11,99 USD per month.


ChatBot Facebook Bot Example

ChatBot's Facebook bot Pros:

  • Easy Messenger Bot Integration: seamlessly integrates with Facebook Messenger, without the need to use or implement a separate application. All ready to use.

  • Rich Messages for Engagement: provides a variety of engaging and interactive features like visuals, cards, and buttons to enhance user interaction and engagement.

ChatBot's Facebook bot Cons:

  • Long Implementation Time: has a long implementation time from inception to actually delivering value to your customers.

  • Limited AI Capabilities: can have issues with more complex customer scenarios limiting its effectiveness for users with more in-depth questions.

  • Limited Real-Time Support: Real-time support can be limited as well as the learning material to get to know the tool in depth.


Subscriptions start at just $52,- per month.

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With Engati, your bot reaches audiences across multiple customer channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more, ensuring extensive accessibility. The platform is enriched with features such as intelligent paths, analytics, and private labeling, all designed to enhance user interaction.

Engati's Pros:

  • Easy Facebook Bot Creation: Design your own intelligent Facebook Messenger bot in minutes, without the need of a team of engineers.

  • Multi Language: Engati's machine learning and NLP/NLU capabilities enable engagement in over 50 languages.

  • Omnichannel Integrations: You can go beyond Facebook bots. Easily deploy a chatbot across multiple channels, maximizing your customer reach.

Engati's Cons:

  • Slow Onboarding: The onboarding process can be delayed due to slow customer support from Engati.

  • Technical Bugs: Small chatbot tweaks such as bot renaming or connectivity issues may arise.

  • Limited Interface: Potential adaptability issues to new channels might be limited, specifically in the WhatsApp interface.


Pricing for Engati is available on request.

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Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Reduces the workload of the customer service team

  • Implementing Facebook chatbots leads to a significant reduction in the customer service team's workload. Automation of routine tasks enables more focus on complex and high-priority issues, enhancing operational efficiency. Delivers fast, reliable and cost-effective customer support.

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Boost sales and conversion rates

  • Facebook bots can assess user interests levels by asking targeted and personalized questions. By classifying users based on their needs, preferences, and intent to buy, businesses can tailor their follow-up strategies to create a more personalized connection with each visitor or potential customer. This personalized approach gives users a sense of comfort and facilitates conversion.

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Personalized customer experience with AI

  • Facebook AI chatbot integrations enhance customer experience, understanding preferences, tailoring responses, and improving satisfaction and loyalty through personalized interactions. Each customer will get a unique response.

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Delivering Fast, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Customer Support

  • Facebook chatbots ensure that your customer support is fast, reliable, and cost-effective. It helps you to meet your customers expectations for prompt assistance and enhancing overall support system efficiency, boosting your organization's service efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Facebook chatbot?

The best Facebook chatbot is an AI-powered conversational solution that easily interacts with users within the Facebook Messenger platform. Why does it have to be AI-powered? Well, an AI bot not only provides personalized support, they also learn from each interaction, getting smarter overtime.

Consider also having a chatbot solution that can centralize all conversations coming from multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, WordPress and it has an API available so you can integrate it with any channel or platform you want.

For example, rule-based Facebook chatbots will be able to deliver limited support as they do not improve or learn from each interaction. On the other hand, AI Facebook chatbots will be able to learn from each inquiry, deliver personalized answers and better experience for your customers.

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How much does it cost to build a Facebook Messenger bot?

The cost of a Facebook bot implementation can vary widely based on the features, capabilities and the level of sophistication you require. The most expensive option is to build it on your own, as the development time won't be worth it. The best option to have a Facebook chatbot up and running would be to get a ready-to-use solution, preferably a software that uses AI to automate conversations.

Prices for ready-to-use chatbot software can range from free for basic versions to several hundred USD per month for platforms that offer advanced features like a GPT-4 powered chatbots, analytics and extensive customization options.

For example, some Facebook chatbot solutions offer a free tier with limited interactions and basic features, while premium tiers can range anywhere from €50 to over €500 per month for enterprise-level solutions with high levels of customization, support and scalability.

Can Facebook Messenger Chatbots be integrated with other platforms and applications?

Yes, Facebook Messenger chatbots can be integrated with other platforms and applications. All you need is a chatbot solution that offers a centralized communication platform with AI technology that allows you to connect all customer channels in one dashboard. Think of communication channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram or your website, and also business systems such as your CRM or sales software as well as integrations with tools like Zapier. Any platform can be seamlessly integrated and managed in a centralized chatbot system.

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