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Our Support Team is here to refer you to a wealth of self-service resources or personally discuss your questions and ideas.. Chatbot Melony is available 24/7. Monday to Thursday between 08:30 and 17:30, and on Fridays from 08:30 to 17:00 our live agent support heroes are here to help!

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Customer support Watermelon

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We offer a variety of ways to contact us with your questions. Reach on our email, chat, WhatsApp or phone call.

Who can I reach 24/7?

Our chatbot Melony is available 24/7 so you can still reach our team outside of office hours. Find Melony in the Watermelon platform, on our website and on Facebook Messenger.

Where can I share ideas for the product?

We make our software so your company can be successful, so your ideas are highly valued. Create a ticket in the Help Center to share your thoughts with our team.

Where can I find self-service support resources?

Our Help Center has detailed articles to help you along the way. We’ve also got a number of video tutorials you may also find helpful in getting started with Watermelon and your chatbot.

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Our own chatbot Melony

Our digital colleague is available 24/7. We connected Melony to our FAQ so she’s always ready to help. We have a wide range of customers served by the platform, and as such Melony is well poised to offer any company assistance.

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Get a live chat on your site in 3 minutes

It’s super easy to start chatting with your website visitors via Watermelon. Create a <a href='/integrations/website-widget/'>website widget</a> and copy the code to your site.

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Customer support Watermelon
Professional Services

We are here to support your team during your chatbot implementation. A variety of resources are available for self-service, but if you’d like us to take on some of that work, we have a variety of Professional Services and a broad Expert network.

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