The Best 10 WordPress (AI) Chatbots

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WordPress Chatbots Plugins & Widgets For Businesses

If you want to automate the conversations that happen on your website, you need a powerful WordPress chatbot.

In this article we have the best WordPress chatbot for your business, it is up to you to decide which one is the best for your business.

The right chatbot can improve your customer service, provide responsive answers, even automate tasks. The whole purpose is that you lower the workload of your helpdesk team.

We selected the chatbots solutions with a plugin already in the WordPress library, but there are other options (stand alone chatbots) that will offer you a wider range of capabilities. Some chatbot plugins are somewhat limited so we also listed more advanced options yet some of them might not have a native WordPress plugin.

5 benefits of using a WordPress chatbot (plugin)

Improved Customer Service: By integrating WordPress chatbot plugins, you can enhance your customer service capabilities. Chatbot plugins in WordPress allow for real-time interaction with visitors, answering their questions and addressing concerns promptly, improving overall customer satisfaction. For example when a customer needs to return a product, the process can be a lot easier when interacting with a chatbot than searching the information in the website.

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Generate More Leads & Sales: WordPress chatbots serve as a proactive tool for lead generation and sales enhancement. It can engage visitors in conversations, collect contact information, and provide assistance, ultimately increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into customers. For example, AI chatbots in WordPress for marketing as a method of lead generation as the interaction is hyper-personalized and the visitor get tailored answers and solutions.

Enhance Time Efficiency: With your WordPress chatbots, you can automate time-consuming tasks such as answering FAQs, collecting feedback, and even processing orders. Customer service automation saves time for website owners, customer service teams, and visitors, ensuring efficient communication and interaction. For example, an AI chatbot could read all your organization documentation and be able to easily answer the most common questions to all your website visitors. No need to get a team member to handle repetitive tasks.

Cost Savings: Chatbot plugins provide cost-effective solutions for customer engagement and support. By automating tasks that would otherwise require human intervention, website chatbots help to reduce the need for additional staffing or resources, resulting in cost savings for businesses.

Improve User Engagement: chatbot tools make it interactive and personalized the customer experience you provide on your WordPress website. With for instance features like natural language processing and customizable responses, WordPress chatbots can engage visitors, keeping them on the site longer and increasing overall engagement metrics.

Automated Data & Feedback Collection: chatbots widgets in WordPress facilitate the process of collecting valuable data and feedback from your website visitors. Through conversational forms and automated interactions, WPBot gathers information efficiently, providing insights to help you to set the strategy for your business.

Now that we know why WordPress chatbots are a benefit for your business, let's look closer to our top 10 (AI) chatbots for WordPress. Take a deep look at each solution and choose the best one for your business. One rule you have to follow: the more automation the better.

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Top 10 WordPress Chatbots - AI bots + Free bots

Watermelon Pulse - Best Wordpress AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot for WordPress - Watermelon AI

Looking for an AI chatbot for your website? With Watermelon Pulse AI Chatbot you can engage with leads or answer customer questions on your Wordpress website without having to have a team member working on it.

Watermelon Pulse chatbot will handle any language with a conversational approach. It allows you to integrate a GPT4-supported technology into your day-to-day customer service. With Watermelon you can automate up to 96% of all support requests.

Key Features of Watermelon Pulse AI Chatbot for WordPress:

  • Human-like Conversations: Get answers for your customers right away with Watermelon's advanced conversational features.

  • Smooth Chatbot-Human Transitions: Watermelon AI bot facilitates smooth transitions between the AI chatbot to your customer experience team for more complex enquiries.

  • Simple Setup Process: Easily set up your Wordpress website bot with the ready-to-use chatbot integration of Watermelon. No-code and smooth process.

  • Adaptability Across Languages and Platforms: Don't stop your customer service automation on your website only. Your audience might be also active in WhatsApp or Instagram. You can easily have a chatbot implemented for any channel with Watermelon's powerful integrations.


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on:


Free trial: Yes, 15 days.

Watermelon's pricing plan starts at just €99 per month.

Link: Pulse GPT-4 Powered AI WordPress Chatbot


SmartSupp Chatbot Wordpress

Smartsupp provides WordPress chatbots and live chat solutions. The chatbot can be implemented in multiple ways, with a plugin or directly modifying the website code. The chatbot integrations include WordPress, Shopify or Prestashop.

Top 3 Smartsupp WordPress Chatbot features:

  • Enhanced lead generation and sales with AI: With Smartsupp AI WordPress chatbot you can deliver rapid responses to your website visitors, engage effortlessly with them, and even promote custom products or solutions via the chatbot or livechat.

  • Wide range of integrations: Smartsupp gets you covered on many different CMS such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, or OpenCart.

  • Conversation history: Helps your customer service team to tackle any conversation with the right background and automate easily your service workflow.

Smartsupp WordPress Bot disadvantages:

  • Learning and Improvement Period for AI: SmartSupp's AI chatbot, might require a learning period to understand and respond accurately to your website visitors. The AI chatbot accuracy will improve overtime and with more data inputs.

  • Occasional Inaccurate Responses: Even with AI support, SmartSupp's chatbot might provide inaccurate or incomplete answers. This could decrease user engagement.

  • WordPress compatibility issues: Some plugins or themes might have issues when working with the SmartSupp chatbot WordPress plugin. You might need a dedicated developer to be able to spot and solve potential chatbot issues.


SmartSupp has a freemium model, and the pro subscription starts at 19.50 USD/m

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AI ChatBot

AI ChatBot WordPress By QuantumCloud

AI ChatBot by Quantum Cloud is a user-friendly chatbot plugin for WordPress websites that requires no coding skills to set up. It allows you to effortlessly answer user inquiries and gather information through its chat box. AI ChatBot has AI capabilities when integrated with Open AI's Chat GPT or Google's DialogFlow.

Top AI ChatBot WordPress features:

  • PlugIn WordPress Integration: You can just add the plugin into your WordPress with a few clicks. The setup is rather easy and with its AI integration the bot maximize its effectiveness.

  • Multilingual Conversations: AI Chatbot can function in any language. With the use of AI, any website visitors will be handled in their own language.

  • AI-Powered Responses: AI Chatbot will have full AI and natural language processing capabilities by integrating with Google's Dialog Flow or OpenAI GPT-3. It can understand user queries, provide accurate responses, and even handle complex interactions. AI makes this bot a great solution for customer support, lead generation, and engagement optimization.

AI ChatBot WordPress Bot disadvantages:

  • Limited Channels Integrations: While AI Chatbot functions well as a WordPress chat plugin, the integrations with other platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp will require additional add-ons.

  • Not Native AI: AI Chatbot has to be integrated separately with other AI chat providers to be able to fully leverage its NLP and conversational capabilities. With no external AI integrations the chatbot capabilities will be rather limited.

  • API not available: For more advanced features or integrations with other CRM systems or business tools, AI Chatbot does not have an open API to interact with and build custom bot solutions. For example, you won't be able to migrate chat conversations to your CRM via API (automatically).


AI Chatbot starts at 49,- USD/year.

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ArtiBot Chatbot For WordPress

Artibot is a chatbot plugin for WordPress focused on lead generation. You can setup bookings, qualify leads and collect payments directly with the ArtiBot plugin. This bot plugin has multiple integrations with 3rd party systems such as Zapier, HubSpot or Stripe.

Top ArtiBot WordPress chatbot features:

  • Easy Plugin Integration: You can just get the ArtiBot plugin from the WordPress plugin library and add it into your website in a few clicks.

  • 3rd Party Integrations: Easily connect your ArtiBot with Google Calendar to get your bookings easily set up or get automated workflows integrating your website chatbot with Zapier. You can also collect payments via de chat using the Stripe integration.

  • Lead generation features: ArtiBot can capture leads through a conversational flow that you design. The conversation can branch based on the user's answers, allowing you to identify more urgent leads or asking a different set of questions based on the lead type.

ArtiBot WordPress chatbot disadvantages:

  • Limited Channels Integrations: Despite having many 3rd party integrations, ArtiBot does not have direct integrations with other communication channels such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

  • No AI Capabilities: ArtiBot does not count with AI or NLP conversational features, meaning that the setup process of the conversations is manually done through workflows. ArtiBot counts with many chatbot templates that make this process a lot easier.

  • Non Multilanguage: As the conversation process is set manually with templates, there is only possible to handle one language at the time. ArtiBot cannot automatically detect your website visitor language and react upon it. For organizations handling multiple countries, ArtiBot might be a limited chatbot option.


ArtiBot has a freemium model with a pro version starting at 19,- USD/month.

Chatra Live Chat

Chatra Live Chat for WordPress

Chatra is a combination of Live Chat, Chatbot, and Helpdesk all together for WordPress. It acts as a CRM too as it store a wide range of data points from your visitors and customers. You can also youe Chatra to increase conversion rates for cart abandonments as it comes with automation workflows to win back those 'forgotten' checkouts.

Top 3 Chatra WordPress features:

  • Real-time Visitor Insights: Chatra provides a real-time visitor list, enabling users to see who is currently online and initiate conversations manually. This feature allows for proactive engagement with website visitors, so for example you can help website visitors within no time.

  • Intelligent ChatBots: With Chatra, you can create chatbots to automate tasks such as collecting visitor contacts and providing quick responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Creating effective chatbot workflows lowers your team workload.

  • Exit-Intent Feature: Chatra comes with a handy exit-intent feature: detecting when visitors are about to leave the website and prompts them with a chat invitation. This can help for example to offer visitors with a unique solution based on their browsing history.

Chatra disadvantages:

  • Limited integrations: Despite having an email integration or a Facebook integration, Chatra does not come with easy integrations with other channels, for example WhatsApp. This means you will likely have to use another external tool to be active on multiple channels.

  • No AI Capabilities: Chatra does not count with AI or NLP conversational features, meaning that the setup process of the conversations is manually done through workflows. This could affect the experience of users on your website, having potential visitors frustrated when the bot cannot help them either a human agent outside business hours.

  • Non Multilanguage: As the conversation process is set manually with templates, there is only possible to handle one language at the time. Chatra cannot automatically detect your website visitor language and react upon it. For organizations handling multiple countries, Chatra might be a limited chatbot option.


For one agent, Chatra is free. The pro version starts at 17,- EUR with a 14-day trial.

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HubSpot - Best Wordpress Chatbot With CRM

HubSpot Chatbot for Wordpress

HubSpot is not only a chatbot, but a full CRM. It integrates easily in Wordpress with a self-developed plugin, with constant updates and new features. The HubSpot Chatbot Builder enables the creation of for example dynamic bots capable of qualifying leads, managing bookings, setting up meetings or answering FAQs and collecting feedback.

Price: Starts with a free plan, and paid plans range from €20 to €1,200 per month.

Advantages of HubSpot Wordpress Chatbot:

  • HubSpot's chatbot is not fully AI supported, manual work is needed.

  • HubSpot's flexibility and easy-to-setup Wordpress plugin.

  • Full log of conversations to easily monitor and fulfil customer questions.

  • Powerful chatbot builder with human-like conversations, including automatic follow up workflows.

Disadvantages of HubSpot Wordpress Chatbot:

  • Its premium features are quite pricey.

  • Limitation in channel support; it currently supports websites and Facebook Messenger. Other channels might not be available, for example you might not be able to build WhatsApp bots.

  • Challenge managing real-time multilingual conversations.


ChatBot for WordPress

ChatBot counts with a native integration with WordPress: you can easily get it in the plugin library of WordPress. With this plugin, you will get all ChatBot features, for example the visual bot builder, chatbot analytics or bot integrations.

ChatBot's Wordpress plugin Pros:

  • Easy Wordpress Chatbot Integration: you can integrate a bot in your WordPress website without the need to use or implement a separate plugin. All ready to use.

  • Wide Range Of Bot Features: provides a variety of engaging and interactive features like visuals, cards, and buttons to enhance user interaction and engagement.

ChatBot's Wordpress plugin Cons:

  • Long Implementation Time: there is quite some manual work involved to create complex and effective bot workflows, which might delay the actual value you get from ChatBot for your Wordpress website.

  • Limited AI Capabilities: can have issues with more complex customer scenarios and its AI features are not yet fully optimal.

  • Limited Languages: Currently the AI bots are fully working on English but have limited power in other languages.


Subscriptions start at just $52,- per month.


Botsify bot for WordPress

Botsify provides businesses easy-to-implement WordPress chatbots, allowing them to automate customer interactions, boost sales, and improve customer support effortlessly. It can be easily implemented in your website with a code snippet (for advanced users) and with a WordPress plugin (for everybody). Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for businesses to use.

Botsify in WordPress Pros:

  • Easy Wordpress Implementation: With just a ready-to-use code snippet or with a plugin you can have one of your Botsify chatbots ready to use on your WordPress website.

  • Multilingual Chatbot: You can serve international customers as Botsify supports more than 100 languages.

  • Automated Sales Processes: You can use Botsify to automate sales procedures by converting ordinary online forms into interactive dialogues and effortlessly arranging meetings and sales conversations.

Botsify Cons:

  • Limited CRM capabilities: While Botsify allows you to interact easily with your WordPress visitors, the logs and the data from your customers might now be all in the chatbot dashboard. You might need to integrate a separate standalone CRM to manage all the data from visitors your chatbots talk to.

  • Learning Curve Steep: Botsify focuses on being user-friendly, but you may face a steep learning curve. Proficiency with the platform may require practice and time to master all its features.

  • Limited Integration with Some Channels & Platforms: It might not be easy or even possible to implement and Botsify chatbot with all business systems or channels.


Botsify has a 14-day free trial and it starts at 49,- USD.

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Landbot chatbot for WordPress

Landbot chatbot offers a low-code implementation for WordPress. There is not a plugin yet but the installation of your Lanbot chat can be done with a small code snippet. You can easily connect Landbot with your CRM to centralize all your customer data in one place.

Top Landbot WordPress Chatbot Pros:

  • No Code Chatbot: Landbot allows you to build your WordPress website chatbot without a single line of code. The only time to do some 'coding' is in the installation process: copy paste the Landbot snippet and then you do not have to do any technical stuff ever again.

  • Strong Integrations: You can easily start your Landbot chatbot in any CMS such as WordPress, Shopify or Webflow. Also you can connect with 3rd parties such as HubSpot for centralized customer data, Zapier for automated workflows, Mailchimp for email follow ups or Calendly for lead generation.

  • Chatbot API Access: Landbot allows you to ship and scale your conversational efforts the way you want. You can create your own custom connections with the Landbot API so you can for example get any data you need from the conversations and send it to other customer service systems.

Landbot Cons:

  • Limited Complex AI Conversational Skills: Creating manually highly-complex lead flows can be decremental in Landbot solution performance as the manual workflows are rather static and do not learn from customer interactions like AI chatbots do. This could lead to frustrated visitors and lower customer experience rates.

  • Layout Complexity: The website's interface may not be easy for beginners to navigate, requiring some time to fully understand. Additionally, the chat canvas can become cluttered.

  • Limited Integrations: Despite having many 3rd parties integrations, there are channels such as Facebook that have not a straightforward implementation. You might have to use other chatbot platforms to automate your Facebook Messenger conversations.


  • Landbot has a free limited chatbot and its pro version starts at 32 EUR/month (on a yearly basis).

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WP-Chatbot for Messenger by MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey Facebook chatbot for WordPress

WP-Chatbot adds an OmniChat to connect your Wordpress website and your Facebook Messenger.

Top 3 WP-Chatbot WordPress Bot features:

  • One-click Installation: Easily install WP-Chatbot on your WordPress site with just one click, simplifying the process of adding live chat functionality.

  • 24/7 Live Chat: Engage with website visitors round-the-clock, irrespective of your availability, ensuring continuous customer interaction and lead generation.

  • Unified Inbox: Access all incoming messages from Facebook Messenger and native web chat conversations in a single inbox, providing a streamlined approach to managing customer inquiries.

WP-Chatbot WordPress Bot disadvantages:

  • Limited AI Capabilities: WP-Chatbot requires human intervention for complex cases and does not leverage a fully conversational experience using AI.

  • Complex setup: there are many settings that might cause issues or delays until the WordPress chatbot is up and running.

  • Limited Free Version: The free version of WP-Chatbot offers limited features compared to premium plans. Also the free trial is too short to actually test the chatbot solution in depth.

  • Limited integrations: WP-Chatbot only supports the WordPress - Facebook Messenger integration but might not be the best solution for other channels such as WhatsApp.


Free up to 1 users and 1,000 credits per month

WP-Chatbot WordPress Bot starts at 14.25 USD/m

What are the features of a WP chatbot?

  • Seamless Integration: Chatbot plugins seamlessly integrate with WordPress websites, requiring no coding skills for installation and setup. They offer easy-to-use interfaces accessible directly from the WordPress Dashboard.

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  • Multilingual Support: These plugins often support multiple languages, catering to diverse audiences worldwide. They enable communication in various languages, enhancing user experience and engagement.

  • AI-Powered Responses: Chatbot plugins can leverage AI technologies such as Google's Dialog Flow or OpenAI GPT to provide intelligent responses and interactions. This allows them to understand user queries, offer accurate responses, and handle complex interactions effectively.

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  • Customization Options: Users can customize the chatbot's appearance, behavior, and responses to align with their brand and website theme. These plugins offer flexibility in adjusting settings and tailoring responses to meet specific requirements.

  • Automation: Chatbot plugins automate tasks such as answering frequently asked questions (FAQs), collecting feedback, and processing orders. This automation saves time for both website owners and visitors, improving efficiency.

  • Data Collection: Chatbot plugins streamline the process of collecting valuable data and feedback from website visitors. They often include features like conversational forms and automated interactions to gather insights and information.

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How to choose the right WordPress chatbot?

If you want to know which features as a must have for your WordPress chatbot, we have selected the most important ones:

  • AI Capabilities: Look for a chatbot plugin with robust AI capabilities, such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. These features enable the chatbot to understand user queries, provide accurate responses, and handle complex interactions effectively.

  • Easy Plugin Implementation: Opt for a chatbot plugin that offers easy implementation and setup, even for users with limited technical expertise. Choose a solution that seamlessly integrates with WordPress websites, allowing for hassle-free installation and configuration.

  • Integrations with 3rd Parties: Ensure that the chatbot plugin supports integrations with third-party tools and platforms. This capability allows for seamless connectivity with other software solutions, such as CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and e-commerce platforms, enhancing overall functionality and efficiency.

  • Multi Language Support: Select a chatbot plugin that provides multilingual support to cater to diverse audiences worldwide. This feature enables the chatbot to communicate effectively in various languages, improving user experience and engagement across different regions.

  • Chatbot API Access: Choose a chatbot plugin that offers access to its API, allowing for customization and integration with other systems or applications. API access provides developers with the flexibility to extend the chatbot's functionality and tailor it to specific business requirements.

WordPress Chatbot Examples

eCommerce WordPress Chatbot - - case study - chatbot - WordPress - Watermelon AI, a rapidly expanding webshop specializing in home interior products, faced a surge in customer inquiries as its online presence grew. Despite having a live chat feature, their customer service team found themselves overwhelmed by repetitive queries, consuming valuable time that could be allocated to other tasks. Seeking a solution to streamline their support operations, they turned to implement a chatbot named Guus from Watermelon.

  • Huus has automated 65% of customer interactions, significantly reducing the workload for the customer service team. This automation has led to the equivalent of one full-time employee being freed up. The Watermelon chatbot operates round-the-clock, handling most inquiries, while a dedicated human agent remains available during extended hours for personalized assistance.

Ticketing WordPress Chatbot - - case study - chatbot - WordPress - Watermelon AI

Ticketpoint, one of the largest ticket providers in the Netherlands, faced the challenge of ensuring swift and efficient customer service amidst the bustling ticketing business. With 200,000 tickets sold for events like Toppers concerts, the need for prompt assistance was paramount. Recognizing the potential of chatbots, Ticketpoint embarked on integrating Chatbot Kees from Watermelon into their customer service operations.

  • Within just three weeks of deployment, Chatbot Kees seamlessly integrated into Ticketpoint's customer service team, automating an impressive 80% of customer inquiries. This automation not only relieved the workload of human agents but also ensured round-the-clock customer support, enhancing service accessibility and efficiency. With Kees' proactive approach, weekends became more enjoyable for the team, and customer queries were addressed promptly, contributing to heightened satisfaction levels.

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What is a chatbot for WordPress?

A WordPress chatbot is a tool, application or plugin designed to integrate with WordPress websites to provide live chat, chatbot, and automated customer support functionalities.

There is one upgrade in chatbots you must know: those bots using conversational AI technology.

AI WordPress chatbots are capable of engaging with your website visitors in real-time, answering complex questions, managing orders, and even automating lead generation or complaints handling.

Not all chatbot solutions for WordPress have native AI capabilities. Depending on your business needs you might choose regular chatbots (rule based, manual chat workflows) or conversational AI chatbots (supported by AI technology, automatic learning from interactions).

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Chatbots for WordPress often come with features like visitor insights, exit-intent detection, email and Facebook integration, customizable contact forms, and multi-platform compatibility. Might you use different systems in your business already then should you choose the chatbot plugin the better fits your customer needs: multi language, AI conversational capabilities, integration with 3rd parties, etc

Frequently asked questions

Is WP chatbot free?

WP chatbots may have both free and premium versions, depending on the provider. Free options have limited capabilities while advanced AI conversational features might only be available only under a paid subscription.

Should your WordPress chatbot answer common questions?

Yes, it should. Answering common questions enhances user experience and reduces support team workload. AI chatbots on WordPress should serve to answer common questions to free up your customer service team workload.

Why install a chatbot on your WordPress website?

Installing a chatbot improves customer support, enhances engagement, increases efficiency, ensures 24/7 availability, and gains a competitive advantage. You can integrate it with multiple channels and business tools to keep all your conversations data centralized.

How is WordPress chatbot different from WordPress live chat plugin?

Chatbots automate conversations using AI, while live chat plugins facilitate real-time communication with human operators. Live chats require human intervention to function while with AI chatbots you can still provide support to your website visitors without the need to have a human agent active at all times.

How do WordPress chatbot plugins enhance ecommerce customer experience?

By offering personalized recommendations, providing instant support, enabling order tracking, recovering cart abandonment, and collecting feedback. Chatbot also help to increase conversion rates as they can offer personalized solutions/products to the website visitors based on previous conversations or browsing data.

What is the best WordPress chatbot technology?

The best technology depends on specific needs, but popular options include Dialog Flow from Google, ChatGPT integrations from OpenAI.

Ready to implement your WordPress Bot with AI Chatbot technology?

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