The Best Helpdesk Software for eCommerce in 2024

Jairo Guerrero

Jairo Guerrero

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The Best Helpdesk Software for eCommerce in 2024

Go for Help Desk automation with AI technology. Help desk as we know it can improve between 20% to 25% your customer service performance and your ticketing workflows. If you add an extra layer of automation with AI, that can go easily over the 50% boost in efficiency.

In this article, he has studied the best 15 help desk solutions for your eCommerce business. Also we added a few case studies so you can check real-life examples of eCommerce help desk.


  2. Gorgias

  3. Zendesk

  4. Freshdesk

  5. Hiver

  6. Zoho Desk

  7. Help Scout

  8. Intercom

  9. Kayako

  10. Kustomer (part of Meta)

  11. LiveAgent

  12. eDesk

  13. Re:amaze

  14. Tidio

  15. Gladly

How To Choose The Best eCommerce Help Desk Software - Our Checklist

Automation and AI for efficient ticket (SLA) management

AI Chatbots facilitate the automation of conversations, having the first line of your store's help desk support fully automated with conversational bots will scale your service capabilities. Also we looked at internal AI features for ticketing routing, assignation and labeling, so the manual work is reduced to the minimum. All AI features will make your SLAs metrics be at its peak performance.

Multichannel Support: Email, Live Chat, Social Media, and Phone

Typically, webshop owners first establish a help desk software and CRM. We assessed the ability of each help desk solution to integrate with other systems and scale with your business' growth, preventing the need to switch customer support tools frequently. This article features help desk solutions with numerous integrations for easy connection to third-party platforms like sales or operations software.

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Integration with eCommerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc)

Obviously, we took into consideration for this listing what are the best help desk solutions for specifically, eCommerce websites. We made sure to include tools that have an easy integration with your eCommerce to for example to do tasks such as:

  • Import customer data

  • Connect with orders data

  • Link with online store data (product information)

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Customer Performance Insights: All of the solutions provided have significantly improved the level of customer insights available to businesses, allowing them to better understand their clients' needs and preferences.

Agents Performance Insights: The help desk tools we listed have also enhanced the performance data of agents, providing key metrics and analytics to help optimize their productivity and effectiveness. By leveraging these solutions, companies can make more informed decisions, deliver higher quality service, and ultimately drive better results in their customer service operations.

Self-Service Tools: Knowledge Bases and Community Forums

The most powerful help desk solutions allow you to build a knowledge base so your customers can request self-service support: this is they have a library of information so they can solve their questions and issues on their own. 

A knowledge based portal is a great solution to achieve scalable help desk support. We listed help desk solutions that include this self-service feature. Some of them even allow customer interaction in the shape of forums, so is your actual customer base solving questions and concerns.

Top 15 Helpdesk Software Solutions for eCommerce Businesses

Watermelon - Best eCommerce Help Desk Software with Conversational AI

Looking for automating your eCommerce help desk? Then you should use Watermelon's AI Chatbot which is a GPT-4 assisted conversational bot that talks to your customers and website visitors. The AI capabilities of Watermelon allows you to achieve helpdesk automation without increasing your customer support team workload.

Best use case: Help desk ‘first-line’ automation

Help desk automation software - Watermelon AI

Key Features of Watermelon AI Chatbot for Helpdesk Automation:

  • In-depth analytics: Watermelon's statistics feature provides you with valuable insights into customers' interactions. For example, data on the number of conversations, response times, customer satisfaction ratings and more.

  • Human-like Conversations: Get answers for your customers right away with Watermelon's advanced conversational features. Its AI Chatbots will handle most of your help desk tasks with automation so your team workload will reduce substantially.

  • Smooth Chatbot-Human Transitions: Watermelon AI bot facilitates smooth transitions between the AI chatbot to your help desk team for more complex enquiries.

  • Simple Setup Process: Easily set up your website bot or social media bot with the ready-to-use chatbot integration of Watermelon. No-code and smooth process. Plug in into any channel or platform.

  • Wide range of integrations: Don't stop your helpdesk automation on your website only. Your audience might be also active in WhatsApp or Instagram or will reach out via email too. You can easily have a chatbot implemented for any channel with Watermelon's powerful integrations.


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on:


Free trial: Yes, 15 days.

Watermelon's pricing plan starts at just €99 per month.

Link: GPT-4 Powered eCommerce Help Desk

Watermelon AI Chatbot Software Alternatives:


The eCommerce Help desk software for those using Shopify

Gorgias offers D2C brands and online stores a powerful help desk with multiple integrations. Gorgias' help desk solution allows online businesses to monitor all your tickets in one place. Gorgias counts with an easy implementation for Shopify (the go-to platform of D2C brands). Gorgias is one of the most powerful help desk apps in Shopify.

The eCommerce Help desk software - Gorgias

Top 3 Gorgias' Help Desk advantages

  • AI-Powered Automation: Gorgias leverages AI to automate ticket responses and monitoring. Its AI features include, for example, closing spam tickets or routing tickets to the right agents. The help desk software of Gorgias with the AI capabilities will reduce the workload of your customer team.

  • Improved Measurement: Gorgias uses AI to automatically tag help desk support ticekts, so your customer service agents get valuable insights into customer interactions and behaviour. Improving performance with advanced KPIs would allow you, for example, to assign the right teams to the right conversations based on the automatic tagging of the Gorgias live chat.

  • Ecommerce Native: Gorgias was built to support eCommerce business. Any eCommerce platform such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce or Magento have ready-to-use integrations with Gorgias. The help desk dashboard provides agents with access to order history and customer data directly within the help desk interface, so it takes a few seconds until your online store agents can fully help your webshop visitor.

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3 Gorgias' disadvantages

  • Technical and Operational Problems: Gorgias help desk could fail to respond effectively due to technical issues, which will lower the engagement of your help desk and decrease customer satisfaction.

  • Limited Features and Integrations: Gorgias has limited integrations with a wide range of tools. For example, connections with your CRM or sales systems might not be available to connect with Gorgias' help desk.

  • Limited Automation: The AI leverage can be limited for complex conversation workflows. The internal AI features might help but the conversational AI capabilities are still limited.


Gorgias scores 4.6 out of 5 in G2


Gorgias starts its plans at 50,- USD per month.


The eCommerce Help Desk & Service Desk for businesses of all sizes

Zendesk is an all-in-one help desk platform in the cloud. You can combine your help desk software with a customized help center, a knowledge base, an online community or a customer portal to provide customers with a great self-service. Live chat sits in its core solution and it is backed up with powerful AI chatbots.

The eCommerce Help Desk & Service Desk - Zendesk

Top 3 Advantages of Zendesk help desk:

  • Instant Support: With Zendesk, you can chat with your customers in real-time, whether they're on your website, using your mobile app, or even sliding into your DMs on social media. Your SLAs metrics will be at maximum as you can answer your customers rapidly.

  • Strong Integrations: You won't have to switch constantly between different platforms. Zendesk keeps all your customer conversations in one neat workspace, so you're always on top of things.

  • Personalized Service: Use customer data to tailor your chats and make your customers feel like VIPs. It's all about giving them that extra special personalized touch such as product recommendations of the right steps to solve a problem.

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Disadvantages of Zendesk:

  • Data Handling Limitations: Zendesk has issues migrating conversations or customer data to other business tools you are already using, which can slow things down when you're trying to get a better customer support system.

  • Learning Curve: Zendesk help desk environment takes a bit of time to master. New users often get overwhelmed with the chat dashboard.

  • Enterprise costs: as Zendesk is a full help desk solution it comes with a price that many companies might not find appealing. If you are a smaller business, it would be better for you to find simpler tools at a lower price range.


  • Free-trial: yes, Zendesk has a 14-day free trial.

  • Zendesk live chat starts at 55 EUR per agent per month.

Zendesk Alternatives


Omnichannel eCommerce Support

Freshdesk is the help desk solution of Freshworks which includes in its core AI automation both for customer interactions as well as AI assistance for support agents. Freshdesk has also a self-service help desk portal that can be integrated in your current domain.

Omnichannel eCommerce Support - Zendesk

Top 3 Advantages of Freshdesk:

  • AI Ticketing Assistance: Starting from AI chatbots to intake the initial customer inquiries, up to AI-driven reports and automated workflows for ticketing. The AI capabilities of Freshdesk facilitate your eCommerce help desk support and reduces the workload of your team. Monitoring SLAs will be fast and efficient with the help of AI assistance.

  • Full eCommerce Integrations: Freshdesk has a marketplace of integrations. Any company can build custom integration apps, they get verified by Freshdesk and ready for you to use with your current business systems. It will be easier for you to be in contact with your customers on their favorite channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc) and integrate Freshdesk with your current CRM or sales & marketing software.

  • AI Chatbot Capabilities: Freshdesk unifies all customer data with the conversations from live chats and chatbots. All in one place: the full power of data from your online store visitors in one dashboard.

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3 Cons of Freshdesk:

  • Integration with challenges: Integrating other applications to your help desk, like Instagram and Shopify could be problematic, leading to issues on the customer support team.

  • Lack of customization: for example, with custom integrations to other platforms might lead to technical bugs, and limitations in adapting your eCommerce help desk to specific needs or custom implementation.


Freshdesk is 4.4 out of 5 in G2.


  • Free trial: yes, Freshdesk has a 14-day free tiral.

  • Pro features for IT help desk start at 19,- USD per month per agent.

  • Pro features for Customer help desk start at 29,- USD per month per agent.

Top 3 Freshworks Alternatives

Helpdesk automation with your own GPT-4 chatbot. Get Started Today.

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eCommerce Help Desk from Gmail

With Hiver you can transform your Gmail inbox into a customer service and help desk dashboard for your online store. With Hiver, handling customer questions, returns, or any customer questions becomes as easy as answering an email. The added benefit to a regular email inbox, is that your team can keep track of all the customer data and history, which facilitate team collaboration.

eCommerce Help Desk from Gmail - Hiver

Top 3 features of Hiver

  • Multichannel Support: Across Email, Live Chat, Knowledge Base, and Voice. Hiver integrates multiple channels to be plugged into your help desk workflow together with your Gmail inbox. Among others, you can integrate in the Hiver dashboard: WhatsApp messages, live chats and chatbots, calls automation and your own knowledge based portal. Your SLA monitoring will be more efficient when being present in multiple channels at once.

  • Internal Collaboration Features: Hiver’s platform makes it easy for your help desk team to collaborate on customer issues to resolve tickets much more efficiently.

  • Customer & Agents In-Depth Metrics: Hiver data dashboard provides not only customers insights such as customer history but also offers a wide range of KPIs to track team performance. Monitoring SLAs, team workload analysis and customer service satisfaction metrics are all in one place.

Cons of Hiver

  • Limited Automation with AI Chatbots: Hiver does not offer the same level of AI-driven automation and chatbot capabilities as Watermelon. Automated responses or handleing customer queries instantly, 24/7 might be limited becase of lack of AI integrated features.

  • No Seamless Chatbot-to-Human Handoff: Hiver provides solid tools for internal collaboration and ticket management, but it lacks an automated handover from chatbots to human customer service agents for more complex inquiries. Lack of automation might result in for exammple, lost tickets or frustrated customers.


Hiver has a score of 4.6 out of 5 in G2


  • Free trial: yes, Hiver has a 7-day free trial.

  • Pro features start at 15 USD/month per agent.

Zoho Desk

For "Context-Aware" Help Desk: Personalized eCommerce Customer Service

Zoho Desk is the eCommerce help desk software that helps you to centralize all your customer interactions: from email, social media, live chat or chatbots. Zoho Desk provides automation features such as escalating tickets, building tailored workflows and even adding customer dashboard functionalities (you will need some coding for this). Zoho fits well small business or growing enterprises.

Personalized eCommerce Customer Service - Zendesk

Top 3 benefits of Zoho Desk

  • Advanced Process Automation: Zoho Desk automates complex, multi-step business processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors, all of it taking the data from your online store to never miss customer information. Monitoring SLAs becomes easier with Zoho Desk.

  • Multi-Channel Support: It enables customer interactions through various communication channels such as email, live chat, social media, and phone, providing a unified eCommerce customer support experience.

  • Powerful Analytics and Reporting: Zoho Desk comes equipped with in-depth analytics and reporting tools that offer insights into customer service performance, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your support strategy.

Zoho Desk Cons

  • Complex Setup and Navigation: Zoho Desk's interface might be complex and challenging to navigate for some people, requiring a longer learning curve for new team members to be efficient with it.

  • Integration Challenges: While Zoho Desk offers a range of integrations, you may encounter difficulties when trying to seamlessly integrate it with non-Zoho products or when looking for deeper customization options.


Zoho Desk has a score of 4.4 out of 5 in G2


  • Free trial: yes, Zoho Desk has a 15-day free trial.

  • Zoho Desk Pro standard starts at 14 USD/month per agent.

Help Scout

Easy-to-use eCommerce Help Desk with powerful interface

Easy-to-use eCommerce Help Desk - HelpScout

Key Features of Help Scout:

  • Centralized customer data: every conversation is unified in the same dashboard. Each client profile is created automatically and with the assistance of AI you will quickly know the full history of your customer: orders, tickets, history, etc.

  • Strong integrations: you can plug in Help Scout with any channel, 3rd party platform: Shopify, WordPress, Facebook, Slack, etc. Any business platform can be connected with a few clicks with Help Scout dashboard.

  • AI Assisted Dashboard: the full helpdesk automation is achieved in Help Scout with AI. For example, ticket assignment, conversations summary, automatic labeling, etc.

💡 Check: All Integrations of Watermelon AI Chatbot

Disadvantages of Help Scout:

  • Low customizations available: the help center will have a rather simple look unless you know how to modify the CSS on your own, which requires technical knowledge and quite some hours of work.

  • No assisted AI chatbot: despite Help Scout having an AI assisted dashboard, the bot's capabilities are limited to manual flows or internal AI assistance but in practice Hel Scout does not provide an AI chatbot that can autonomously talk and solve customer questions.


Help Scout is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2.


  • Free trial: yes, HelpScout has a 15-day free trial.

  • Help Scout starts at 20,- USD per user per month.

Alternatives to Help Scout

  • Hiver - Best IT help desk to use with Gmail

  • SysAid Generative AI Assisted help desk


The eCommerce Help Desk with AI Conversational Features

Intercom helps you to deliver personalized help desk and service desk for large eCommerce brands. You can provide "in-context" responses meaning that you will know how to deliver personal and unique support based on your customer or visitor's behavior.

The eCommerce Help Desk with AI Conversational Features - Intercom

Benefits of Intercom

  • Hundreds of integrations: You can connect easily with your current business platforms like Shopify, your CRM, email, ticketing, social channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook, Instagram, your CMS, reporting tools, etc.

  • Self-service help center: Intercom provides a tool to build your own help center so your customers can easily access useful guides and resources to find solutions to their queries on their own. A help center will lower the direct questions that your customer service team has to handle. Your customers will enjoy a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Disadvantages of Intercom

  • Limited AI Capabilities: Despite Intercom offering AI chatbots for your customer service, you will still have to create workflow conversations manually, instead of letting the AI bot to do all the work. The AI technology is not used at its best and this will be decremental for your team's workload.

  • Limited Customer Support: It might be difficult for you to reach the customer service team of Intercom in case you run into issues with the platform, like technical issues or account level questions, such as billing or pricing changes.

  • SEO Limitations: The help center library that you can build with Intercom is a great help to allow a customer self-service yet there are limitations in the display of relevant data, such as FAQs, being not reachable sometimes for the search engines crawlers.

Intercom Top 3 Alternatives

Top 3 Intercom Alternatives

  • Zoho Desk

    • Price: Starts at 7,- USD/m with a 15-day free trial

    • Reviews: G2 4.4 / 5

  • LiveAgent

    • Price: Starts at 9,- USD/m per agent with a 14-day free trial

    • Reviews: G2 4.5 / 5

  • Sprinklr

    • Price: Starting at 299,- USD/m

    • Reviews: G2 4 / 5


Provides a unified customer service experience

Kayako is a great collaborative tool for eCommerce help desk management. With features like automatic ticekting routing you can address the right agent and the right customer at the right time. Your workload will reduce due to its amazing efficiency for teams. Kayako helps not only with the regular customer experience towards customers but offer a unique option for internal corporate helpdesk to boost employee efficiency.

Unified help desk experience - Kayako

Why Kayako is good for customer service automation

  • Efficient Team Collaboration: With Kayako you can divide and conquer. Group conversations, assign tickets, collaborate on the same case, etc. All your agents will be aligned and will offer the best support to your customers.

  • Single-View Customer Experiences: Kayako developed an interesting and helpful approach to customer service: the SingleView. With the customer single view, the customer service agent can easily know within a few seconds everything about the person they are talking to: order history, viewed pages, previous conversations, etc. You will be able to treat each customer as an individual with personalized support.

  • Friction-Free Support: Say goodbye to email chains and disjointed notes with centralized communication, enhancing efficiency and reducing response times.

Kayako's disadvantages

  • No AI Assistance: Despite the unique approach of Kayako in the helpdesk space, their solution does not count with AI assisted support which might lead to a higher workload for your service desk team.

  • Performance Issues: Kayako's system might have some issues from time to time, which could end up affecting your customer service team unable to respond to customer inquiries promptly and efficiently.

  • Integrations Limitations: You might experience some technical blocks when integrating your social channels or other CRM system with Kayako.

Kayako 3 top alternatives

Kustomer (part of Meta)

eCommerce Help Desk + CRM platform

Kustomer offers a unified interface to efficiently manage all your help desk support across multiple channels.

eCommerce Help Desk + CRM platform - Kustomer

Kustomer's Facebook bot Pros:

  • Unified Interface for Multiple Channels: Effortlessly manage help desk tasks across various channels, like Facebook or Whatsapp from a centralized interface.

  • Social Listening and eCommerce Activation: this is to centralize all conversations in one ecommerce help desk dashboard, allowing your team to stay informed and engaged with customers in all your communication channels.

  • Easy-to-use Ticketing: with automated ticket assignation features.

Kustomer's Facebook bot Cons:

  • Performance Limitations: you might experience issues with the resposiveness of the Kustomer platform.

  • Low Performance Integrations: Integrated tools, like Shopify might be slow to respond when connected to Kustomer, requiring you to reload page which could impact your customer's experience.


Kustomer scores 4.4 out of 5 in G2


Kustomer's start at 89,- USD/m.

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eCommerce help desk software that includes live chat, ticketing & phone calls

Live Agent helps you to run your eCommerce help desk smoothly with a wide set of tools such as Live Agent's chat box (a live chat), s powerful ticketing system, social media integrations and phone calls monitoring. - Help Desk for eCommerce

LiveAgent Top Features:

  • Phone Calls Monitoring: LiveAgent is one of the few eCommerce help desk solutions that includes a phone call module together with the typical customer support software features. LiveAgent cloud-based call center software comes with call back requests, automated call routing & transfers, call recording, etc.

  • Live Chat: LiveAgent comes with a strong live chat solution that will allow you for example, full access conversations history, tracking features and tailored designs to make the chat experience with your customers unique.

  • Social Media Integrations: with LiveChat you can connect to all your social media accounts to keep all conversations centralized in one dashboard. You can connect Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Slack to have them connected with your other communication channels such as email, phone or chats.

LiveChat Disadvantages:

  • Limited AI Capabilities: Despite LiveAgent a live chat for your ecommerce, you will still have to create workflow conversations manually, instead of letting the AI bot to do all the work. The AI technology is not used at its best and this will be decremental for your team's workload.

  • Dashboard complexity: LiveAgent dashboard, due to all its features might be difficult to use for some people. The learning curve will be a challenge.

  • Enterprise pricing: Dive in with our free plan, but keep an eye out for when it’s time to switch gears for those advanced features.



  • Price: Starts at 9,- USD/m per agent with a 14-day free trial


The eCommerce with native integrations in major platforms and marketplaces

eDesk is an AI-powered eCommerce help desk software that is focused primarily in online retailers. That is why they integrated connections with major marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay or Walmart. eDesk connects easily with any eCommerce platform such as Shopify or BigCommerce as well as with your common help desk touch points such as email or live chats.

Help desk with marketplace integrations -

Top Features of eDesk

  • All Your Customer Conversations, One Dashboard: eDesk provides one centralized help desk dashboard for all your eCommerce channels, either for communication or even for logistics you can unify all your help desk on eDesk: marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, social media, 3rd-party apps, etc.

  • AI-powered: With customizable templates and smart automation, eDesk allows you to automate internal service tasks freeing up your team, lowering your service workload and improving efficiency.

  • Customer & Team Insights: Knowledge is power, especially in ecommerce. eDesk offers in-depth analytics, with in-depth data on customer interactions, response times as well as internal performance data from agents. eDesk insights dashboard will help you to monitor SLA requirements and offer the best service experience.

eDesk's Cons

  • Ticket Limits: While eDesk is strong in help desk features, keep an eye on those monthly ticket limits. They're tiered based on your plan, so as your business grows, so might your need to upgrade.

  • Conversations History Issues: There might be limitations when searching specific information in your service records, which might lead to decrease the quality of the support given as your agents do not have the best information about their clients.


eDesks scores 4.9 out of 5 in Capterra


  • Free trial: yes, eDesk has a 14-day free trial.

  • eDesks starts at 89 EUR/month per agent.


Combines email, social media, live chat, and FAQ support into one platform for eCommerce

Re:amaze eases your eCommerce customer service with a full centralized platform for all your help desk service.

Help Desk for eCommerce -

Key Features of Re:amaze:

  • Centralized Communication: All your customer interactions from email, social media, or live chat, will be put together into one dashboard so your team will always keep track of your customers.

  • Smart Automation: With Re:amaze you can set automated responses and workflows with all your customers.

  • Personalized Customer Support: With Re:amaze’s deep ecommerce integrations your team will benefit from rich customer insights, enabling personalized support that turns first-time buyers into lifelong fans.

Key disadvanatges of Re:amaze:

  • Dashboard complexity: all Re:amaze features might be difficult to use for some people

  • Beta AI Features: Despite having AI functionalities for either customer support or data analysis, all the AI features of Re:amaze are still in beta which might lead to not having it working 100%.


Re:amaze scores 4.9 out of 5.


  • Free trial: Yes, Re:amaze has a 14-day free trial.

  • Re:amaze starts at 29,- USD.


eCommerce Help Desk for Sale Efficiency

Tidio offers a powerful help desk for eCommerce wesbites and small businesses. With Tidio, you can engage with customers in real-time, providing excellent support to boost customer loyalty and increase conversion rates.

Help Desk for eCommerce -

3 Advantages of Tidio eCommerce Help Desk

  • Multichannel Communication: Manage all customer communication channels, for example emails, live chats, Facebook messages, and Instagram DMs, in one centralized platform.

  • Rapid Ticket Response: your agents can track and react promptly thank you to the customer insights and performance metrics.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: Enhance your sales with live chat widget. Your help desk will be supported with conversational features that will make your ticket managemtn more interactive and engaging.

3 Disadvantages of Tidio eCommerce Live Chat

  • Limited Free Plan Features: While Tidio offers a forever free plan, it comes with limitations on the number of website visitors you can engage with each month and the features available.

  • Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Some of Tidio's more advanced features, such as customizable chatbots and automated workflows, may require a learning curve to fully leverage their potential.

  • Limited Channel Integrations: While Tidio supports various communication channels, including websites and Facebook Messenger, support for other channels such as WhatsApp may be limited.


Tidio scores 4.7 out of 5 in G2


Tidio live chat starts at 29 EUR/month per seat. Free subscription available up to 50 conversations.


Offers personalized help desk service: treating customers as people, not tickets

Gladly helps you to treat your store customers more humanly using hyper-personalization. Gladly stands out as the cloud-based help desk for large ecommerce brands.

Help Desk for eCommerce -

Gladly's Best Features

  1. In-depth Customer Analytics: With Gladly you will know every customer’s details such as order history, preferences, location, and even their last purchase. As soon as your customers get in touch your team will know everything about them. You will achieve and personalized help desk service, no matter how big your customer base gets.

  2. Seamless Conversations: You can switch from voice to message to email. Gladly keeps allows you to transition from channel, like jumping from a chatbot conversation to a direct call so your customers never have to repeat their concerns.

  3. Automated Workflows: Gladly counts with automatic ticket routing, centralized conversations panel, automatic agents assignation, and multichannel communications trigger to keep conversations with clients regardless where is they platform of choice (email, phone, social media, etc).

Cons of Gladly

  • Enterprise pricing: Delivering top-tier service comes with a price. Gladly's premium plans might make smaller businesses or startups.

  • Shopify Sync Slip-Ups: Shopify integration might have limitations in terms of data connection.

  • One Dashboard at a Time: Managing multiple tasks? Keep in mind, Gladly prefers your undivided attention to one dashboard at a time for optimal analytics performance.


Gladly scores 4.7 out 5 in G2


  • Free trial: No, Gladly does not have a free trial.

  • Gladly starts at 180,- USD/month per agent.

Help Desk for Ecommerce Examples

PrintAbout - eCommerce Help Desk Support with AI

PrintAbout, the top Printer Specialist in the Benelux, enhanced customer service by launching Chatbot Printy with Watermelon, boosting their expertise in printing. The GPT-4 powered chatbot improved their help desk support performance significantly. During COVID-19, with rising online queries, their support team struggled a lot. Chatbot ‘Printy’ (an Ecommerce chatbot) was introduced to provide 24/7 instant responses and reduce their service desk workload.

PrintAbout - Help Desk Support with AI - Watermelon AI

Green Bubble - eCommerce Help Desk Support with AI

Green Bubble is shaking up the online plant market in the Netherlands with its cutting-edge AI chatbot and 'Personal Plant Shopper' via WhatsApp. This tech upgrade has revolutionized customer service, handling 90% of inquiries—around 600 monthly chats, many after hours. Their commitment to enhancing the customer journey doesn't stop there; they're adding a comprehensive plant guide to their site using Watermelon's Web Scraper, making plant shopping and ordering a breeze.

eCommerce Help Desk Support with AI

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