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You can increase sales with chatbots. Yes, they are not only a customer service booster, chatbots can help you to increase revenue by: giving personalized advice to your website visitors, lead curation, purchase questions, etc.

In this article we will show you the most important aspects of chatbots, including conversational AI, that can help you to improve the online shopping experience you offer.

Brief Overview of Topics:

  • How can AI-powered chatbots drive sales?

  • 10 Top AI Chatbots for Sales

  • How chatbots can improve your lead to customer rate?

  • What defines an AI-Driven Chatbot?

  • Sales AI-Chatbots Examples

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While some chatbots can perform all the above functions, it's crucial to balance their responsibilities to optimize efficiency and user experience. One of the advantages of chatbots is their cost-effectiveness relative to their complexity. For businesses, deploying multiple chatbots can be a financially viable option without significantly impacting the technology budget.

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How can AI-powered chatbots drive sales?

The utility of AI-driven chatbots extends beyond mere time and cost savings for businesses. By taking on straightforward interactions, these chatbots significantly reduce the workload of customer service tickets, allowing live representatives to concentrate on more nuanced and complex customer issues that demand human insight and expertise.

But the advantages of chatbots in business contexts are much more extensive and influential. Here's an overview of how AI-enhanced chatbots can be instrumental in elevating sales and refining the sales strategy.

Lead qualification

Determine the lead's level of interest and provide them with relevant content. When the lead becomes sufficiently engaged, the chatbot can initiate a handover to an available agent or schedule an appointment.

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Demos, bookings and reservations

Your chatbot can schedule demos and make reservations with answers to a few simple questions. Connect the chatbot to your calendar and automate the process from beginning to end.

Lead nurturing

By sending automated follow-up messages, relevant content and reminders, chatbots help keep leads warm until they are ready to convert. This ensures that businesses stay top

-of-mind with their potential customers.

Product Finder

Save your visitor time by creating an intelligent and automated product finder. Connect your chatbot with your product system and stimulate sales by providing a useful tool.

Product recommendations

Use AI chatbots to suggest the right products to the right customers in an on-brand and friendly way. Connect your CRM system and give recommendations based on previous purchases and preferences.

Transactions and purchases

Make transactions and purchases a key part of a chat conversation with our mollie payment integration. Help your customer complete a sale without leaving the conversation.

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Top +10 AI Chatbots for Sales

In this section, we discuss a carefully selected list of the top 10 AI chatbot software for Sales. This overview offers a clear perspective on how these chatbots can elevate your business's digital experience.

Watermelon Pulse - AI Chatbot

Watermelon is revolutionizing chatbot creation with its integration of GPT-4 technology. As a leader in the chatbot field, Watermelon offers an impressive ability to automate up to 96% of all support inquiries.

Key Features

  • Advanced conversational capabilities: Watermelon AI chatbot talks to your customers as any experienced agent in your team will do.

  • Smooth chatbot-human transitions: Watermelon's efficient inquiry handling lets teams concentrate on crucial tasks.

  • No-code Setup: Setup is simple upload URLs and documents to the chatbot's knowledge base, and it quickly utilizes this information to answer questions.

  • 3r Party Integrations: Watermelon's adaptability across languages and platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or in any website makes it an invaluable asset for businesses.

Price: Watermelon's chatbot subscriptions start at just €99 per month.

LinkPulse GPT-4 Powered AI Chatbot

Pulse Watermelon

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Chatfuel is a no-code platform used for conversations automation from different communications channels such as Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or your website. Chatfuel AI technology allows you to create chatbots that work as AI agents: autonomous AI-powered workers that can take over entire roles such as sales representative or customer support agents.

Chatfuel a great tool for businesses looking to automate their sales, engaging with customers on social media and messengers, customer service, and more.

Chatfuel.com - Chatbot for sales

Top 3 ChatFuel features:

  • Conversational AI capabilities. Chatfuel’s integration with ChatGPT makes it a powerful tool for enhancing the customer experience. Using ChatGPT, the chatbot will act as a sales assistant providing product recommendations to your online store or website visitors.

  • Integration options. Chatfuel seamlessly  integrates with website platforms, popular CRMs (Customer relationship management), Google Sheets, other third-party applications as well as the most used eCommerce platforms such as Shopify.

  • WhatsApp Meta Templates: Utilize WhatsApp Meta templates that include embedded links within buttons for effective communication helping you with lead qualification: Identifying and advancing potential sales leads.


With Engati, your bot reaches audiences across a wide array of 15 channels, including popular platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and more, ensuring extensive accessibility. The platform is enriched with features such as intelligent paths, analytics, and private labeling, all designed to enhance user interaction.

Price: Prices are upon request.

Engati's Strengths:

  • Quick and Effortless Bot Creation: Design your own intelligent bot in minutes, no programming knowledge required.

  • Engati's machine learning and NLP/NLU capabilities enable engagement in over 50 languages, broadening your global reach.

  • Build your bot once and easily deploy it across 15 diverse channels, maximizing your audience.

Engati's Weaknesses:

  • Onboarding Challenges: Some users have experienced a slow response from the team during the onboarding process, causing delays.

  • Communication Hurdles: The primary reliance on email for official communication can be limiting and less responsive.

  • Technical Glitches: Issues like bot renaming difficulties and website connectivity problems have been noted.

  • Pending UI Changes: Upcoming changes, particularly in the WhatsApp interface, raise concerns among users about future adaptability.

Link: Engati

Source: Engati


Customers.ai offers advanced capabilities to identify anonymous website visitors and engage them effectively.

Price: Subscriptions start at just $49,- per month.

Advatages customer.ai

  • Comprehensive Sales Outreach and Data Tools: Key features of Customers.ai include the ability to identify website visitors via email, use of templated sales outreach automation tools, and integration with a plethora of business productivity tools.

  • It provides access to hundreds of millions of consumer records, enabling businesses to build targeted email outreach campaigns for diverse audiences. This array of features makes it a versatile tool for automating sales outreach, enhancing social media engagement, improving customer service, saving time, and providing a user-friendly experience.

Disadvantages Customer.ai

  • Some users might encounter minor issues in analytics reporting, though these are typically not deal-breakers.

  • While the customer support team is prompt in addressing issues, the occasional need for their intervention points to areas for improvement.

Link: https://customers.ai/


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Tidio merges the capabilities of live chatting and automated chatbots to create a versatile platform geared towards enriching customer interaction and amplifying sales. Engage with site visitors in real-time or let chatbots handle support queries when you're otherwise engaged.

This platform seamlessly integrates with tools such as Messenger, Instagram and email, centralizing communication channels for more efficient management. Tidio is accessible on both desktop and mobile applications, enabling you to handle messages on the go, regardless of your device.

Price: The chatbot starts $29/month per seat

Advatages of Tidio

  • Centralized monitoring of customer interactions across live chat, Messenger and email is simplified on a single interface.

  • Live chat feature with customizable widgets allows for real-time conversation with visitors.

  • Automates common FAQs, which conserves time for customer service representatives.

  • Boasts an extensive collection of customizable chatbots tailored for e-commerce sites to guide customers on product promotions and services.

Disadvatages of Tidio:

  • Lacks the ability to manage client interactions through a WhatsApp chatbot integration, Instagram or Twitter.

  • Notifications for incoming conversations are not immediate, potentially delaying response times and frustrating customers.

  • Handling messages from multiple e-commerce sites in one tab can be cumbersome.

  • The cost can accumulate with each additional user, making it expensive for expanding customer reach.

  • Managing numerous chats simultaneously is challenging without notifications for responses in different windows.

  • The range of language support options is limited, which can be a barrier for global businesses serving customers in their native languages.

Link: Tidio Chatbot platform

Source: Tidio

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Freshchat: Best OmniChannel Chatbot

As a trailblazer in the new era of customer communication, Beacon stands tall, optimized for dynamic sales and customer engagement. This avant-garde platform provides businesses the toolset to effectively engage up to 95% of website, app, or social media interactions. AI Chatbot Solution

Price: Paid plans starting from €19,-.

Advantages of Freshchat:

  • Immerse in authentic interactions, bypassing redundant hindrances. Beacon's design ensures clarity and coherence in every chat session.

  • Transition worries from bots to humans are history. Beacon promises a flawless shift whenever necessary.

  • Efficiently manage customer inquiries, liberating your staff to address other pivotal concerns.

Disadvantages of Freshchat:

  • While innovative, Beacon doesn't quite mirror the standard set by other Freshdesk products in terms of holistic experience.

  • The integration between Freshdesk and Freshchat Beacon could be deeper. Advanced features like ticket viewing within Beacon are noticeably absent.

  • The novelty of the platform brings minor bugs and glitches, which though expected, can hinder optimal performance.

Link: Freshchat

Source: Freshchat


This state-of-the-art platform empowers businesses to efficiently streamline up to 95% of their customer interactions.

Price: Drift pricing starts at roughly €600 per month for 10 seats on the Premium plan and additional seats are priced at €80 per month.

Advantages of Drift:

  • Engage in genuine dialogues, sidestepping routine hiccups. Drift's advanced technology ensures conversations are precise and clear, often prompting users for more details.

  • With Drift, the switch from bot to human is seamless. Determine the right moment, and Drift ensures an uninterrupted transition.

  • Process customer inquiries with utmost efficiency, allowing your team to address other crucial areas.

  • Setting up is straightforward. Link Drift to your website or any digital medium with ease, demonstrating its adaptability.

Disadvantages of Drift:

  • Despite its cutting-edge features, Drift's pricing can mount rapidly, especially for larger teams.

  • The capability to manage multiple teams is largely reserved for the higher-priced enterprise package.

  • Some users have pointed out intermittent glitches in both web and mobile interfaces, particularly slow dashboard responsiveness.

  • The chatbot builder, while advanced, requires a bit of acclimation and may seem complex to some.

  • Contrary to some competitors, Drift doesn't currently support key channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

Link: Driftbot

Source: Driftbot


ChatBot stands at the forefront of automated conversational experiences, delivering a state-of-the-art platform that simplifies the creation, deployment, and monitoring of chatbots across various channels.

Price: Subscriptions start at just $25,- per month.

Advantages of ChatBot:

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Deploy functional chatbots within minutes using versatile templates.

  • Customizable and Intuitive: Drag-and-drop functionality allows for easy customization to meet specific requirements.

  • AI-Powered Efficiency: Leverages advanced AI algorithms for continual improvement of chatbot interactions.

  • Diverse Communication: Offers dynamic, engaging responses combining text, images, buttons, and quick replies.

Disadvantages of ChatBot:

  • Plan Limitations: Some features might be restricted based on the chosen plan.

  • Offline Incompatibility: Challenges in functioning with offline progressive web apps (PWAs).

  • Specific Use Cases: May not be ideal for complex customer complaints or intricate queries.

Link: Chatbot

Source: Chatbot


Pandorabots is a feature-rich Artificial Intelligence software developed for startups and enterprises, offering an end-to-end solution optimized for Windows. This AI system combines chatbot capabilities with multi-language support in one versatile platform.

Price: Subscriptions start at just $19,- per month.

Advantages of Pandorabots:

  • Offers an easy-to-use interface suitable for both technical and non-technical users.

  • Provides a variety of pre-built AIML templates, streamlining chatbot creation.

  • Eliminates the complexity of infrastructure management, facilitating quicker deployment.

Disadvantages of Pandorabots:

  • Relies on AIML, which may lack advanced natural language processing features.

  • Deep customization requires substantial AIML and scripting knowledge.

  • Resolving issues can be complex, especially for intricate conversational flows.

  • New users to chatbot development might face initial difficulties.

Link: Pandorabots

Source: Pandorabots


Stepping into the future of customer interaction, Intercom is redefining the landscape of support chatbots. Renowned for its dependable functionality, Intercom emerges as an influential player in chatbot technology, establishing itself as the gold standard for reliable and efficient customer engagement. Discover more about Intercom.

Price: Varied based on package selection, starting from €74 / month

Advantages of Intercom:

  • Embark on a swift setup journey. With Intercom, you can be up and running in no time.

  • Learning made easy: With an array of guides and tutorials at your fingertips, mastering Intercom is a breeze.

  • Tailor-made experiences: Dive into a sea of customization options, ensuring that the chatbot aligns perfectly with your brand and requirements.

  • Robust and glitch-free: Intercom stands out for its seamless operation, ensuring users a hassle-free experience.

Disadvantages of Intercom:

  • A steeper price point: While Intercom brings a plethora of features to the table, it might weigh heavily on the pockets of smaller enterprises.

  • Abundance can be daunting: With its myriad tools and features, newcomers might find Intercom's offerings a tad overwhelming.

  • Work email mandate: A minor hiccup, but some users might prefer not to provide their work emails during the setup process.

  • Support inconsistencies: Surprisingly, for a platform dedicated to support, some users have noted variations in the quality of Intercom's internal user assistance.

Link: Intercom AI chatbot

Source: Intercom


Zendesk is redefining the realm of customer support by offering a unified platform that enhances the efficiency of customer interactions. Leveraging its holistic capabilities, businesses can manage support tickets from various channels effectively, from live chats to self-service inquiries.

Price: Plans start at €5/agent/month.

Advantages of Zendesk:

  • Zendesk isn't just a help desk tool; it also doubles as a CRM software solution.

  • It consolidates all customer interactions into a singular interface, ensuring consistent service.

  • With its powerful FAQ creator, businesses can address common customer queries effectively.

  • Integration capabilities are robust; from third-party apps to social media channels, Zendesk offers seamless connections.

Disadvantages of Zendesk:

  • Users might face some issues with data management in Zendesk, such as importing and exporting challenges.

  • The platform may feel overwhelming to new users, requiring some time to get familiarized.

  • Collaboration tools provided by Zendesk could be better, making team interactions more fluid.

  • Pricing could be a bit steep for smaller businesses, especially considering the array of features it offers.

Link: Zendesk

Source: Zendesk


HubSpot stands at the forefront of marketing and sales platforms, incorporating innovative tools like its Chatbot Builder within the Service Hub product. The HubSpot Chatbot Builder enables the creation of dynamic bots capable of a wide range of tasks, from qualifying leads and booking meetings to addressing FAQs and collecting feedback. Discover more about HubSpot's chatbot builder.

Price: Starts with a free plan, and paid plans range from €20 to €1,200 per month.

Advantages of HubSpot:

  • HubSpot's flexibility and power position it as a top-tier solution for modern businesses.

  • A plethora of features come bundled, enhancing the platform's versatility for varied business needs.

  • Support for multiple sites amplifies its usability for businesses with diverse web properties.

  • Customizability is at its core, offering options like branding removal for a personalized touch.

  • Multilingual support ensures that businesses can cater to a global audience without language barriers.

Disadvantages of HubSpot:

  • Its premium features come with a steeper price tag compared to some competitors.

  • Limitation in channel support; it currently supports websites and Facebook Messenger.

  • The absence of a live translation feature can sometimes pose challenges in real-time multilingual conversations.

  • Co-browsing, a feature available in some platforms, is absent in HubSpot.

  • It doesn't support video or audio calls, which might be a limitation for businesses seeking comprehensive communication solutions.

Link: Hubspot AI chatbot

Source: Hubspot chatbot

What defines an AI-Driven Chatbot?

An AI-driven chatbot is a sophisticated tool engineered to harness the power of artificial intelligence, including conversational AI and automated sales processes. Its primary role is to facilitate autonomous assistance for both potential and existing customers in their interactions with a business. These bots, equipped with pre-set conversational pathways, natural language understanding (NLU), adaptive learning algorithms, and integrated knowledge bases, function akin to virtual representatives.

Broadly, there are three distinct categories of chatbots used in the realms of sales and customer support:

  1. These bots are adept at addressing common inquiries and FAQs, such as product pricing. They are capable of guiding users to human support when specific, complex queries arise.

  2. Engaging in dialogue to achieve a specific objective, such as obtaining user details or facilitating a transaction, these chatbots can also guide users towards additional resources or suggest subsequent actions.

  3. Custom-built for specific functions, these bots excel in assisting with account setup, guiding through purchase processes, or offering product troubleshooting.

How chatbots can improve your lead to customer rate?

  • Lightning fast development: Embrace the power of GPT-4-driven chatbots for a revolutionary shift in your sales strategy. These intelligent, brand-aligned chatbots can be rapidly deployed across multiple channels, dramatically increasing customer engagement and brand visibility. This approach offers a significant advantage in sales, as it requires no coding.

  • Software integrations: Offer exceptional customer service by integrating your chatbot with the tools you’re already using. Leverage our webhook integration, connect with Facebook Messenge with our native integrations or automate tasks with Zapier.

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  • 24/7 Sales support: Our chatbot offers continuous, round-the-clock assistance, ensuring uninterrupted service to your customers. It's a vital part of your sales team, always available to enhance customer engagement and support, without the need for rest.

  • Be where your leads are: Publish your AI chatbot on your leads favourite channels with our easy one-click integrations. Improve customer satisfaction since it’s easier to reach you and your chatbot is quick to respond.

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  • All-in-one platform: Your chatbot is the first line of contact and as such gathers information about the customer during the conversation. If it can’t answer a question, it transfers the conversation and the information collected to the correct employee, all in one clear, easy-to-use platform.

  • Collect real-time data: Your chatbot collects customer data in real-time that can be passed to your CRM system. Follow the real-time conversation or let the chatbot transfer the chat and customer details to the right employee, 24/7.

Sales AI-Chatbots Example

Enhanced Product Recommendations: Green Bubble Elevates Online Plant Shopping with AI Chatbot Innovation

Green Bubble, a prominent player in the online plant market in the Netherlands, has transformed its customer service approach by integrating innovative AI chatbot technology. As a specialist in large indoor and outdoor plants, Green Bubble's standout feature is their 'Personal Plant Shopper', offering a unique and personalized shopping experience through WhatsApp.

The AI chatbot implementation marks a significant enhancement in customer service. Capable of autonomously handling 90% of customer inquiries, it processes about 600 conversations monthly, with half occurring outside regular business hours. This leads to increased efficiency and heightened customer satisfaction.

Green Bubble is also developing an advanced plant guide for their website, utilizing Watermelon's Web Scraper feature. This addition will enrich the chatbot's capabilities, providing extensive plant knowledge and facilitating an integrated ordering system, further simplifying the customer experience.

AI Chatbot Example by Watermelon AI

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Easy No-code eCommerce Integration: PrintAbout Revolutionises Customer Service

PrintAbout, the leading Printer Specialist in the Benelux, is revolutionising their customer service with the introduction of Chatbot Printy. Together with Watermelon, they have brought their mission of being the cordial expert in the printing world a step closer. Thanks to the GPT-4 chatbot, PrintAbout now offers even better responses, triggering a transformation in customer interaction and service.

Response to the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became even more crucial to communicate effectively with customers. Due to a surge in online activity, the online store faced a deluge of inquiries, as Inge, the Manager of Customer Service & Sales, points out. Traditional channels such as email and phone were no longer sufficient, especially outside of regular business hours. To address this challenge, PrintAbout introduced their Ecommerce chatbot, named Printy. This innovation allows customers to pose questions effortlessly and at any time of the day and receive an immediate answer.

Printabout AI chatbot example - Watermelon AI

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Customer Experience At Its Best: The innovation of Haarspullen.nl and GPT-4 chatbot Maartje!

Already in the first month after going live, Chatbot Maartje makes a difference for both customers and human colleagues!

Our AI Chatbot (Maartje) has been online for just one month and is a filter for all customers before they reach the human colleagues. Where a 'regular' chatbot answered pre-set questions, Maartje effortlessly gives advice on products that fit the customer's wishes or teaches them about oxidation in hair dye. Haarspullen.nl notices that customers that are still forwarded to the human colleagues are better prepared after the previous conversation with Maartje. For example, they already have their order number at hand, so these conversations take less time.

Haarspullen AI chatbot case study - Watermelon AI

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