Don’t leave your customers hanging

Does your customer service department experience peak volume times? Is it obvious that your team’s response time is too long? Decrease your response time with an intelligent chatbot so your customers aren’t left waiting for answers.

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Why decrease your response time?

Shorten hold times for faster service

Decrease chat abandonment

Increase customer satisfaction

Fewer negative reviews

No irritated customers dissatisfied

No more bad hold music

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Reduce hold times and waiting with a chatbot

    There’s nothing more challenging than dealing with an irritated customer who’s been waiting on hold for a long time. A chatbot can shorten waiting and hold times and even answer their questions before they think about picking up the phone.

  • Shorten hold times for faster service

    A chatbot provides an immediate answer to your customers, reducing the chances they’ll need to call you or email you. This reduces the number of customers waiting on hold and increases your team’s efficiency.

  • Decrease the average response time

    A chatbot takes on the front lines of communication, meaning your team can handle the rest of the customer service cases more quickly. Your team’s average response time will decrease as a result.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Increased availability means your customers will be helped more quickly. Everyone knows that a customer who’s helped accurately and quickly is a satisfied customer.

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Koen Gebbink

“Consumers have grown to expect that they can get in touch with questions 24/7. Traditional customer service teams who only take phone calls will decrease or disappear.“

Koen Gebbink - Digital Marketing Specialist at BKR

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A happy customer is a returning customer!

Don’t leave your customers hanging.

Fewer negative reviews through better service

Are customers leaving negative reviews due to long hold times? A chatbot can solve this problem by responding instantly and accurately. Surprise and delight your customers with fast customer service and see this reflected in positive reviews.

No irritated customers dissatisfied with wait times

After a long time on hold, customers begin the conversation already irritated. The chatbot responds to incoming messages immediately, making the customer instantly feel heard. Offering chat as a service channel also shortens hold time on the phone, meaning those who do call are likely to wait less long.

No more dreadful hold music

The old school elevator hold music can get really annoying. A chatbot makes this a thing of the past, because it provides immediate and direct responses. Instead of commenting on the poor music, customers will comment on the super fast service.

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Win, win, win… win?

Fast service earns ambassadors

Did you know that customers are more likely to buy from a company with fast and good service? Also, customers who experience good service will quickly spread word of mouth. So with a chatbot, you create ambassadors that bring you additional sales!

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