Green and Growing through Innovative Customer Service

Green Bubble Puts Customer Service in the Spotlight with Innovative AI Chatbot Solution.

Green Bubble, a groundbreaking player in the online plant market, has raised the industry standard with innovative technology and a unique approach to customer service. As one of the longest-standing plant webshops in the Netherlands, Green Bubble has evolved into a market leader by specializing in large indoor and outdoor plants and elevating their customer service with AI technology.

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The founders of Green Bubble

Personal Plant Shopper

With a young and dynamic team of 14 employees, Green Bubble has demonstrated that a compact organization can quickly respond to market developments. Starting as a modest webshop, Green Bubble now focuses on larger plants, ranging from 1.50 to 2.5 meters, distinguishing themselves in the market.The most notable feature of Green Bubble is their 'Personal Plant Shopper' function, an innovative service where customers can view and select plant photos via WhatsApp, creating a more personal and engaged shopping experience.

AI Technology Enhances Customer Service Efficiency

New technologies are being used to improve business processes. 'We saw the need to get started with AI technology because we want to stay ahead of the competition and develop our business quickly. We looked at possible applications of AI and decided that customer service was a logical choice. This area benefited most from AI because of the frequently asked questions and also because finding suitable staff is challenging,' explains Eric, Co-Owner of Green Bubble.

The implementation of an AI-driven chatbot has significantly improved customer service. This chatbot can correctly answer 90% of customer inquiries, leading to a more efficient workflow and improved customer experience.

Green BubbleGreen Bubble

Significant Relief for Customer Service

Green Bubble's AI chatbot can generate responses on its own, making conversations smoother and more human-like than traditional flowbots. Dave, account manager at Green Bubble, emphasizes that the chatbot significantly relieves the customer service team. The chatbot handles inquiries that don't necessarily need to be addressed by human staff, allowing the team to focus on more complex and personal customer interactions.


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Dave Koene - Accountmanager Green Bubble

“Thanks to the chatbot, customers always receive a response within seconds and are assisted much faster. This has led to improved customer satisfaction.“

Dave Koene - Accountmanager Green Bubble

Advanced Plant Guide

Green Bubble is currently working on an advanced plant guide for their website. This guide will enable the chatbot to provide extensive plant knowledge thanks to Watermelon's Web Scraper feature. The Green Bubble team is excited about the new capabilities of Watermelon, including the integration of an ordering system into the chatbot. This will further enhance the chatbot and simplify the purchasing process for customers.

Employee of Green Bubble


The introduction of the AI chatbot at Green Bubble has led to a significant improvement in customer service. By providing faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries, there has been a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. In a time when rapid adaptation to market changes is crucial, Green Bubble has strengthened its position in the competitive market with this technological step. With the continued development of their AI capabilities, Green Bubble is poised for a future of innovation and improved customer service, offering a clear advantage to both the company and its customers.

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