HUUS Transforms Sales and Customer Service with Watermelon

HUUS utilizes Watermelon to boost sales and optimize customer service.

In the world of furniture and interior design, HUUS is known for its collections suitable for every home, budget, and interior style. Serving customers both in the Netherlands and beyond, with six physical stores and an online shop, HUUS has taken a revolutionary step in their sales and customer service with the implementation of Watermelon.

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From button-bot to open AI chatbot

HUUS has been a Watermelon customer since 2020 and has already achieved impressive results with the Legacy chatbot. With the introduction of Watermelon, HUUS saw an opportunity to revamp their chatbot, Guus, to provide even better and faster responses to customer queries. And they succeeded! With Guus handling a growth of 1,000 conversations per month, customer satisfaction and sales have further increased.

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Online presence

With a significant portion of revenue coming from their webshop, a strong online presence is essential for HUUS. Watermelon assists in achieving this presence. By deploying chatbot Guus, handling 100 conversations per day (3,500 conversations per month) and available 24/7, HUUS not only alleviates pressure on customer service but also boosts revenue. Nearly half of the conversations occur outside office hours, allowing customers to receive timely responses and proceed with purchases more swiftly.

Lisanne from HUUS

“In today's world, a chatbot like this is indispensable! You can't have a webshop without a chatbot.“

- Lisanne Beumer - PR & Branding Manager

The collaboration with Watermelon

HUUS sees the success of chatbot Guus as a result of close collaboration between Lisanne, PR & Branding Manager at HUUS, Willeke, Webshop Manager and Email Marketer at HUUS, and the Customer Success Manager from Watermelon. Lisanne emphasizes: 'Our contact with Watermelon is exceptionally smooth. We receive quick responses to our queries, and setting up the chatbot was surprisingly straightforward. The initial setup took some time, but with Watermelon's assistance, it was very manageable.'

Employees HUUS and Watermelon

Using Watermelon

By proactively utilizing Watermelon features such as the web scraper and interactive tester, HUUS continuously optimizes the chatbot to meet the needs of their customers. After setup, they have little to worry about as Guus handles conversations satisfactorily. Willeke states: 'Watermelon is a fantastic program to work with. It's intuitive and user-friendly, making working with it enjoyable.' Lisanne adds: 'We're pleased with what we can achieve with the chatbot. It's a real enhancement to the customer experience that we constantly strive to improve.'


Monthly conversations


Customer service automation


Outside office hours

A personal touch

HUUS remains committed to their core values of homeliness and coziness. They aim to strike the perfect balance between personality and technology, including AI, so that customers always feel understood and appreciated, even in their digital interactions. Achieving this personal touch is also possible with chatbot Guus: 'Many customers believe they're conversing with a human colleague when chatting with Guus. This demonstrates how human-like Guus feels.'

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The future of Guus

But Guus's story doesn't end here. With AI Actions on the horizon, HUUS is ready to further optimize chatbot Guus! By enabling Guus to answer complex questions about order status and teaching him to upsell, they will further alleviate pressure on customer service, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience. Additionally, there is a desire to utilize features on the roadmap, such as expanding to other communication channels like phone and email.


In conclusion, the collaboration between HUUS and Watermelon has led to a significant improvement in customer service, operational efficiency, and sales results. With a strong focus on innovation and customer-centricity, HUUS is poised for further growth and success in the future.

Willeke Huijzer

“Watermelon is a fantastic program to work with. It's clear and user-friendly, making working with it enjoyable.“

- Willeke Huijzer - Webshop Manager & Email Marketer

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