Innovation in Lingerie with a Novel Customer Approach

Naron distinguishes itself in the lingerie industry by focusing on larger cup sizes and an innovative customer approach.

Founded in 1996 by sisters Nathalie and Sharon, Naron is renowned as a pioneer in the lingerie industry, with a strong emphasis on larger cup sizes and a mission to empower women and young girls with confidence and strength. 'We don't just sell bras, we give confidence,'' emphasizes Nathalie, co-founder of Naron. This philosophy is rooted in the belief that well-fitting lingerie not only provides physical comfort but also contributes to a positive self-image. By offering the perfect fitting bra and swimwear, Naron aims to make every woman feel beautiful, just as she is.

Chatbot Naron
One of the founders and an employee of Naron

The Role of Automation in Naron's Growth

Naron's pursuit of innovation is evident in the implementation of their AI-powered chatbot. This technological advancement has significantly impacted how Naron communicates with its customers. With an average of 70% of conversations occurring outside business hours and automatically answering 80% of frequently asked questions, the chatbot plays a crucial role in realizing Naron's vision of innovation.

Nathalie Richheimer - Co-founder of Naron

“The chatbot is central to our innovation strategy. It's our digital channel to share our values and expertise“

Nathalie Richheimer - Co-founder of Naron




outside business hours



24/7 Lingerie Advice

The chatbot enables Naron's team to support our customers around the clock, having a significant impact on our customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The chatbot provides advice on finding the right bra size, choosing the right bra model for your body type, how to best wash and maintain your bra and much more. Customers benefit from faster responses to their queries, while Naron's team can focus on more complex and personal customer interactions.


Future Vision of Naron

Naron is continuously improving their chatbot's knowledge and has recently utilized the Webscraper feature that searches through extensive FAQs, making a comprehensive information source directly accessible to the chatbot. This step strengthens the chatbot and simplifies the shopping process. Additionally, the team is excited about new features from Watermelon, including the integration of an ordering system into the chatbot, promising a smooth and customer-friendly shopping experience.

Medewerker van Naron


Naron's step to employ AI technology in their customer service is a clear example of their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This has not only led to improvements in their operations but also to a strengthened market position. In a competitive industry like lingerie, Naron has proven with this technological innovation that they understand the current market and are ready for future challenges and opportunities. With a continuous focus on innovation and customer orientation, Naron is well-positioned for ongoing success and growth.

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