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Supercharge your tech stack with an integrated chatbot

In this guide we will show you how you can supercharge your tech stack with a fully integrated chatbot.

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Supercharge your tech stack with an integrated chatbot

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Introduction to chatbots

We all know them, we have all seen them, and we all have an opinion about them; the versatile, useful and ever present chatbot. By now you undoubtedly have at least some experience with chatbots. Maybe you’ve chatted with one before, or maybe you have even already worked with a chatbot. But what exactly is a chatbot?

Simply put, a chatbot is a robot you can chat with and a good chatbot is a fantastic tool you can use to automatically answer the constant stream of incoming conversations on your customer service channels.

With the right technology you can even take this a few steps further. When you use the power of Artificial Intelligence, your chatbot can go from a simple answering machine to a real conversational superstar. Instead of just responding to multiple choice buttons, your chatbot can actually understand questions your customers ask and have actual conversations with them. Follow up questions, guidance, lead generation and excellent customer service are all within the possibilities of a good chatbot, around the clock and every day!

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A chatbot usually only knows the answers you teach it, but it is possible to allow your chatbot to find the answers to questions anywhere, in any system. Let’s take a look at how you can supercharge your tech stack by integrating your chatbot.

Step 2. Why should you integrate a chatbot in your software

What are the benefits of an integrated chatbot and why should you connect your tech stack to your chatbot?

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